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No person should be judged based on their color. Though racism has been in control for some time now. There are yet many stereotypes who believe in the past traditions that white skin is superior. In this article, we will talk about why black is more beautiful.

It was not mentioned in any mythological book nor in any holy book but is just a mere division created by us humans to show the superiority of white skin over dusky tones.

Let us get into the history part of the color :

When the world was formed and all of us were geographically placed in our regions, our DNA was created or evolved in such a way that we adapt to our environment. 

Skin is the first barrier and hence, an important factor to protect us from all those harmful rays of the sun. According to Fitzgerald’s classification of skin types, White skin never tans but burns, and Black skin tans but never burns. This helps us say, Indians have dusky skin tones or olive skin tones and due to the scorching summers we have, our skin just tans and never burns which is necessary for people who work in sun.

 On the other hand, people in Europe who have white skin rarely have the sun which means when even they are exposed it is harmful as their skin is not accustomed to the rays and hence it burns to send a signal that their body might not accept this new pathogen.

This concept has been taken as a whole another meaning where we are classified as superiors or interiors based on our skin.

The color of the skin is just because of melanin distribution in our skin cells in reaction to exposure to sunlight.

Unlike our stereotypes, in this scientific world the black skin is good as :

  • Their cells do not burn
  • They have nil-1% of developing skin cancers.
  • They are in fact the most gentle type of skin.
  • The age minimal and hence look young for long
  • Their skin has better protective abilities due to all the oils secreted.
  • They are the most delicate types for any kind of testing hence, white skin is used to test the product’s hence, chances of black skin to be used a guinea pig is less.
  • They never look washed out in any color.
  • And they have beautiful glowy skins which are the goals for summer.

Due to the world treating blacks as inferiors, they have fought for their rights. Recent advancement of which was the “black lives matter “ movement.

They have flourished in every area they wanted to conquer. Even the beauty world. The world’s most beautiful woman is black from Sudan.

Icons like Rihanna are launching beauty products for all skin types which was a moment to be remembered in the history of fashion.

In 2019, the 5 most important beauty pageants in the world were all won by black women. It includes the miss world and misses the universe.

Darker skin tones have been suffocated all these decades due to their color. And in these times, there are people like the Kardashian family who marry the Blacks so that their kids get that great skin.

We as fellow humans need to come together and not categorise each other.

No one likes to hear that they are ugly or not fit to be in a particular profession. Blacks have faced that for decades and that has in turn increased their zeal to fight more for their rights.

This age-old battle of skin color and all the norms associated need to be put to a stop. Be it warm undertones, cool undertones anything. All have the right to be called beautiful and not be sorted into groups based on their skin color.

Also, scientifically speaking Black skins are considered the most evolved and best type of skin to have. Which racial discrimination books print that?