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Top 10 Most Underrated Travel Destinations In The World

When I say the word travel, which city or location is the first to pop in your mind. Let me guess, for a lot of you it will be Paris, New York, Ibiza, Venice or maybe even Bali. These popular destinations are often on most people’s bucket list. Mind you they should be and are gorgeous places to visit. But there are many more equally underrating travel destinations in the world that people are unaware of. People when often deciding a place to travel choose the ones that are depicted in pop culture. Or the cities that are the most instagramable.

However, there are some cities that don’t get the hype and attention they deserve. These cities are often ignored and even unheard of to many of us. But, don’t you feel the purpose of traveling is to explore the unexplored. To learn about new cultures and destinations.

Today, I am going to show you the top 10 most underrated cities in the world. Travelers often ignore these cities despite their great tourism. For the curious and avid travelers out there this list is going to be a treat. For all of you out there maybe it’s time to look at some of the off-the-radar destinations that could be a delight to visit. So, let’s see the top 10 underrating travel destinations in the world :

1.Bergen, Norway

Bergen is often overshadowed, by the Norwegian capital Oslo. However, Bergen does, in fact, have a lot to offer to tourists. The second-largest city in the Scandinavian country is known for its beautiful harbor district Bryggen. Bryggen is a UNESCO World Heritage site famous for its vibrant buildings.

Tourists can also visit the spectacular Floyen Mountain. The views from on top are quite exquisite. Nature lovers will enjoy the charm of the natural beauty of Bergen.

Apart from the natural beauty, there is plenty to offer for the adrenaline junkies out there. Water-sports fans can go rafting and kayaking through the beautiful and famous Norwegian Fjords.

2.Sarandë, Albania

Sarandë, the resort town in Albania (also spelled Saranda), is located between the Ionian sea and hills of olive groves. Picturesque beaches and its archaeological ruins are popular in this town.

12 miles outside Sarandë is located a UNESCO World Heritage site, the remains of a 5th-century synagogue. Another site, Butrint has a storied history that served not only as a Greek colony but also as a Roman city.

Once you’re done with sightseeing, you can go catch some rays of sunshine on some of the most popular beaches in Albania. Mirror beach, Santa Quaranta beach, and Pulebardha beach are all extremely beautiful and worth a visit.


Anguilla is a British overseas territory famous for its beautiful beaches and deep blue seas. US News and World Report voted Caribbean island to have the best beaches.

Many Trip Advisor users have stated that Shoal Bay is one of the best beaches on the island. Many go as far as to claim that it is possibly the best in the world. Anguilla has several high-rise hotels for a place to stay. Cruise ships and casinos are popular in this place.

The white sand and turquoise oceans are beautiful, peaceful and are a must-visit especially for beach lovers.

4.Garni Village, Armenia

Garni is a beautiful village located in the Kotayk Province of Armenia. The Garni settlement has an ancient history. Hellenistic Garni temple is famous in this place. The temple dates back to the 1st century AD and could possibly be the world’s eastern-most Greek temple.

Apart from the temple, there are many other structures and monuments. It includes the Saint Sargis Shrine, Queen Katranide Shrine, and the ruins of Tukh Manuk Shrine

Another beautiful feature of the region in the picturesque Garni Gorge, which is accessible both via foot and car. The gorge has beautiful vertical cliffs featuring well-preserved Basalt columns.

5.Faroe Islands, Denmark

The Faroe Islands in Denmark is situated halfway between Scotland and Iceland in the North Atlantic. They comprise 18 volcanic islands and spread over an area of 70 miles in total.

This place is a paradise for bird watchers and hikers. The islands are famous for its terrain which ranges from mountains to valleys to lush green grasslands. The coast with its steep rocky cliff also harbors several species of seabirds.

Apart from the natural beauty and terrain, the tiny and colorful houses make up the landscape of the Danish archipelago.

6.Puglia, Italy

Puglia, the region of Italy that forms the heel of the boot-shaped country is quite intriguing. But this region is often overlooked. It is ignored by tourists in favor of high profile, more renowned regions of Italy such as Tuscany.

However, this region has a vibe of its own that can’t be beaten by any other Italian region. Moreover, the local wine and cuisine are a delight to the taste buds.

While its beaches can easily match the world’s finest coastlines. From Polignano a Made to Gallipoli, you will find some of the most beautiful beaches here. This place is definitely one of the underrating travel destinations in the world.


Liechtenstein is situated between Switzerland and Austria. It is one of the world’s smallest as well as the wealthiest countries.

Liechtenstein’s capital Vaduz houses the country’s eponymous castle, which happens to be the official residence of the Prince of Liechtenstein. Here you will also find the Cathedral of St.Florin, which is a neo-Gothic church constructed in the 19the century.

Liechtenstein also offers several hiking trails and ski slopes for people looking for adventures. The Alps can be accessed through the foothills of the Rhätikon Mountains.

8.León, Nicaragua

León is one of the oldest colonial cities in the Americas. Spanish conquistador founded it in 1524.

This place is famous for its beautiful architecture which includes churches and museums. It also happened to be Nicaragua’s capital right until 1857. From here people can also head off to the nearby volcanoes.

Beautiful beaches and affordability compared to its neighbors is making Nicaragua a popular tourist destination.

9.Hobart, Australia

The capital of the island state of Australia -Tasmania, Hobart offers a lot to tourists. It varies from a wildlife reserve to a beautiful thriving music and art scene.

The Museum of Old and New Art is where tourists can get a culture fix. Opened by mathematician and gambler David Walsh, the museum cost nearly 200 million dollars to build.

Animal lovers can drive to the Bonorong Wildlife Sanctuary. Moreover, they can see there several species of marsupials from cute koalas to hopping kangaroos. For the beer lovers out there, Australia’s oldest brewery, Cascade is also situated in the city.

10.Helsinki, Finland

Travel+Leisure rated Finland’s capital Helsinki as ” Europe’s most underrated design capital”. For the architecture lovers out there this city is a delight.

The wonderful architecture is all around the metropolis. Moreover, it is like a meditation space inside a curved, wooden structure and a Modernist concert hall. There is even a museum dedicated to the city’s good design.