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How To Become an Instagram Fashion Blogger?

In this modern generation, we all have knowledge of the latest trends and fashion. Everybody is just overwhelmed by all the fashion blogger’s advice and wants to become an Instagram blogger. Instagram became the top social network platform for fashion bloggers. Many of the people are also earning well from their Instagram posts. Nowadays people started maintaining and taking seriously their Instagram feed. Starting a fashion blog on Instagram is a really good idea for everyone who has a keen knowledge of fashion and trends and it can also help you to earn a handsome amount of money.

Everyone is researching and reading about how to become a fashion blogger but it becomes very hard for people to understand that where, when, and how to start the right fashion blog. In this article, I will guide you step by step that how to become an Instagram fashion blogger which will really guide you in the right way.

Step -1. Setting up Instagram account –

The first step to becoming a fashion blogger is to set up your Instagram account and set your user name according to your fashion blog. Writing the necessary information and putting links to your other blog website will help your page to grow more.

Step -2. Adding up followers –

The second and the most important step is adding up followers on your page. Promote your page on various different social networking platforms which will attract more followers. The more audience and reach you have, the more your page will grow. You can also ask your friends and family who are on Instagram to promote your page on their Instagram status which will gain more audience, reach, and followers.

Step -3. Adding colorful and beautiful photos –

 The next step which comes is to add beautiful and colorful photos of fashion with perfect hashtags which will attract more audiences and will be well-liked by the people. Correct hashtags will help your post to reach more and more audience. Use hashtags like #fashion, #blogs, #trend, etc.

The more colorful and beautiful photos you will upload, the more it will be liked by the people. Try to click your pictures with DSLR or high camera quality mobiles. This will enhance the quality of the picture. This will eventually help you to gain more followers.

Step -4. Start following people who inspire you –

After setting up your account, start following the fashion bloggers who inspire you. Try to check their posts regularly and have some more ideas of fashion. With those ideas, try to create some different and more attractive fashion ideas which the people will like. Remember not to copy their ideas. Try to create some new fashion with their existing fashion ideas.

Step -5. Make money on Instagram –

After setting up the account, the final question arises that “How can we make money on Instagram?”It’s not necessary to have a specific number of followers on Instagram to earn money, it all depends on which type of audience you have. Try to have a type of audience which brand is looking to promote the products. Promote the brand products and according to that, you will be paid by them.

So above are a step-by-step guide to becoming an Instagram blogger. I hope it will help you in setting up a fashion blog account. Remember that it may be easy and simple to start a fashion blog but it will take lots of time and effort to become an Instagram influencer.