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Founded in February 2019, but active since August 2020 and based in India. We are WeirdNotion, a website aims to provide quality content on some specific topics namely Recipe, Travelling & Fashion. We are a group of enthusiastic individuals trying to provide all the necessary information related to the topic by retaining its quality.

We understand that a good and balanced food lifestyle can promote a healthy lifestyle. It is important to stay fit and healthy. You can find some of the most healthiest recipes and how you can cook them in a more healthier way.

Travelling improves your health, as well as mental health. By being exposed to new and unique culture one develops a wider view of the world.
Come and search with WeirdNotion, the best place to visit if you’re planning a vacation with your friends, family or spouse.

The world is upgrading and so are people’s Lifestyle which includes a good eating lifestyle, the way how they dresses. It is important for us to take care of our dressing. But wait ! Are the expensive and costly dresses enough? No, the comfort should be at first place rather than the way it glitters.
The articles of our blog will change your mindset about what’s more important? The glittery and showy dresses or the comfort.

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