How to do daily college hairstyles?

No look is ever complete without a hair-do to go with it. Be it black, brown, pink, blue, straight, curly, bent, wavy any texture any way styling them is something that needs to be paid attention place where girls spend every day struggling to get that perfect look. We spend four to five years on that same campus and yet try every day to make it work. So here we’ve got for you some of the best tips on How to do daily college hairstyles.

Hosting sleepovers, hostel dress ups, night outs, and those classes waking up for which is a war with self. A personal style statement is crucial to be heard.

Ever woke up for an 8 am class in a hangover of a night out or a party? Maybe you will not look the best and pump bottles of concealers to hide those bulky black eye bags. If your hair is messy and not groomed no amount of makeup can save your soul.

Here are few tips on How to do daily college hair styles :

The classic pony

There is no college outfit that can look bad with a classic ponytail. It should neither be high nor too low just perfect. A colorful scrunchie to match the outfit or a black one can amp up the look. It also highlights the jawline. Shoulder length hair or long hair any length or texture fits in a pony. Front bangs or sidelocks can even up the shape of the face and brighten it.

Nerdy braid

To all those girls who still live in the ’80s and are not in the group of girls who would even care about reading this. Asleep braid will suffice for their oiled hair and specks. (Stereotypes).

Laid back braid

For those science geeks who love fashion. Protect yourselves from the wrath of your hair-style police teachers by having this messy just got out of bed kind of braids.

Messy bun or pony

Messy look though sounds like a piece of cake, is kind of hard to achieve. The hair needs to be perfectly messed up or down. The messy bun could be for all those labs and long summer days where you have nothing to do.

Messy pony works its magic at any time. From a cocktail dress to a lab uniform, everything looks chic with a messy pony.

Beach waves

Thanks to Victoria’s secret, every girl knows how to style this messy yet sleek waves like an angel and own that campus ramp. Braid your hair loosely and iron them put with ceramic or hot plates and open them up. A vivid pump of hair spray and you are ready to own your day.

Diva-licious hair-do’s

These could be modern French braids (half cup), side pony, side braid, sleek back, small side barbie braids. These are for those who belong in the tribe where they need to prove their fashion sense every now and then. If you are a social media hog, go with the most trendy hairdo from any series diva.

The Kardashian half-up pony

Kim Kardashian did this look of wavy hair with a sleek half-up pony which became a trend immediately. The pony was not too high but high enough to be noticed.

Blow out look

Not sure if it a fashion blind before but, hair looks the best the morning after a hair wash. This is the perfect look for every girl who is living the morning after. Just tie a messy bun before you go to bed the night before and wake up in the morning to a beautiful blow-out look. Also, keep a camera handy for the Gram!!

Beanie tops

Thanks to Billie Elish and all those Hollywood Christians movies, the beanie hair is a thing now. This helps you hide a bad hair day perfectly and look like that modern-day star who woke in a Christmas movie.

Centre braid

This trend has taken over the internet for one year and it is here to stay. It is a classy look with a pinch of bohemian vibe for that fierce girl who likes to walk on the campus and make heads turn with her beautiful locks.

Water braids

All the Pinterest fans will know this trend as it would be the first one to pop up on their feed.

This hair do could give that cute vibes. It looks the best with a dress or a skirt.


Wearing a Kurti to college and want to look good? Take out that butterfly clip or banana clip which was lying in your closet for years and style your hair. Trust me! You will steal the day

 These clips give that layered look to hair and adds volume which is a must for a ethnic wear.

Dramatic side part

For all those girls with pixie cuts or straight shoulder-length locks, add a little drama to your hair with that dramatic side part and show off your hair. It highlights one portion of the face and one portion of hair.

Side clips

Grab a pair of bobby pins and stick the sideways near the ends of eyebrows. This look is for girls with a bob or a lob. There is an issue that girls with short hair can not tie their hair properly and if left open, well not all colleges are open for that so, clip them and you have pleased everyone.

Illusional waves

Ever heard of the term “Maggi-hair” or “Noodle hair”, add a serum and straighten your front bangs. The glossy and curly look will send people in a trance for sure.

Keep your hair groomed always. Even a messy look takes a lot of effort to perfect.

 You never know when you need to look perfect.

Also, avoid those high damage treatments and learn to style your natural hair the best way.

Few hair tips:

For people who straighten too much, try using ceramic plates.

For people who have extremely thin locks, try combing your roots backward with a thin bristle comb. Adds little volume. )

So these were some of the best tips on How to do daily college hair styles .