Kerala Corona Virus Updates, Will the situation be normal in city

On November 26, Friday Kerala registered 4677 cases of coronavirus. Adding up today’s cases now Kerala has 49459 active cases. Along with the cases which recorded in the last 24 hours a death toll of 33 infected patients also recorded in Kerala . Now total deaths in this state raised to 39,125.

Starting Point of Covid in Kerala :

The first case of COVID 19 in Kerala reported on February 3, 2020, in the Kasaragod district. A student of Kerala of Kasaragod district traveled from Wuhan university to his district and tested positive.

When the first case was reported, the union health ministry announced to test the students who traveled from China to Indian in the past few days and isolate them for 14 days.

After this, the cases kept increasing months after months. The state government had to impose lockdown in the state to stop the transmission of dangerous virus.

Total cases in Kerala :

As the case kept increasing for several months are increasing now too, so the total of infected patients has reached 51.2 lakh with 62,288 active cases in Kerala.

Death Trolls :

Cases are increasing day by day but death trolls too not yet stopped. Deaths trolls are continuously being recorded and reached 38,737 deaths in just one state.

This is a topic of concern as many families lost their loved ones and dearest ones in this pandemic and loosing continuously losing one every day.

Cases in 24 hours :

Kerala reported a total of 4677 cases in the last 24 hours. If we look at the districts of Kerala then in the past 24 hours Ernakulam has reported maximum cases i.e., 823 followed by Thiruvananthapuram

 with 633 and Kozhikode with 588 cases. 

Active cases raised to 49,459 out of which 7.2 percent admitted to hospital and are in critical condition.

Recoveries in the past 24 hours are 6,632 and a total of 50,35,384 completely cured since the covid in this state begin.

A total of 56,558 samples were tested in the last 24 hours.

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