IRCTC Latest News: Indian Railways Launches Rampath Yatra Express

The Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation (IRCTC), a company of Indian Railways has launched a new tour train Rampath Yatra Express. Which will travel between Pune and Ayodhya. This decision was took after the success of launch of Ramayana express. This considered as the great step took by Indian railways.

This train flagged off on Saturday with the aim to promote the pilgrimage tourism.

This tour will be of 7 days and 8 nights including all facilities. Will aim at the pilgrimage tourism said by the division railway manager (DRM) of Pune.

Tour of the Train :

Train will take passengers from 6 different places of Lord Rama. It will commence from Pune and will reach Ayodhya and vice versa.

The train will start from Ayodhya drom where it will go to Nandigram, Varanasi and then to Prayag to Shringverpur and then finally will reach Chitrakoot. This whole journey will be of 7 days and 8 nights during which passengers will visit 6 different pilgrimage destination related to Lord Rama.

The new train named Rampath Yatra express will have AC and sleep couches and tickets can booked online using
The fare of this train is fixed and are mentioned below:
• Rs.7560/- for sleeper class
• Rs.12600/- for third class

In addition to AC and sleep couches passengers will also get facilities such as breakfast, lunch, dinner, stay, transport and guide will be offer to the passengers.
The full package including all the facilities will be of Rs, 14490/-

Important Points Regarding Tour :

  • This tour train will take passengers from 6 different pilgrimage destinations which will automatically lead to promote pilgrimage tourism.
  • This tour train named as Rampath Yatra Express.
  • It will have AC and sleep couches.
  • The fare of train is fixed for everyne.
  • Tickets will be booked online.
  • This tour train will be of 7 days and 8 nights.
  • It will first reach to Ayodhya and covering six different places related to Lord Rama will reach Pune.

Ramayana Express :

Rampath yatra Express was launch after the success of Ramayana express. The Ramayana express train tour started on November 7,2021. The first destination of the train is Ayodhya and will reach at last station Rameshwaram. This train started with moto as” Dekho Apna Desh”.

The first Ramayana train tour started on 7 November 2021 for 17 days. The package of this tour is of 12nights and 13 days which departed from November16,2021.

The package of 16 nights and 17 days will depart on November 25, 2021. Keeping in mind the success of this train IRCTC launched new train route known as Rampath Yatra Express.

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