IMD predicts rainfall in some parts of state from Nov 26 to Dec 1

Monsoon season is over but still some parts of India is suffering from the rainfall. One of them is Bengaluru in which IMD had predicted rainfall from November 26 to December 1.

In past 24 hours no rainfall recorded in Bengaluru but now Bengaluru is on alert because city can experience rainfall in coming days.

Bengaluru weather stations alerted Bengaluru about the risk of thunder, high UV index, and forecast gales.

Weather in Bengaluru :

Today’s temperature in Bengaluru is 20 degrees Celsius and it gets increase or decrease whole day. Here day’s maximum temperature is 26 degree Celsius and minimum temperature of the day predicted as 19-degree Celsius.

Winter season in Bengaluru starts from, December and remains till the month of February. This city shows 15.3degree Celsius temperature in the month of January and considered as coldest month of Bengaluru.

Condition in Bengaluru :

Although Bengaluru has its monsoon season from mid-June to September but this time when December is arriving this city is regularly suffering from heavy rainfalls causing flood in some parts of Bengaluru.

Although in past 24 hours no rainfall recorded but weather forecast alerted this city for coming 5 days i.e., from 26 November to 1 December.

Flooding in Manyata Tech Park: Part of Bengaluru

Manyata Tech Park a part of Bengaluru has recently suffering from light flood. The Bruhat Bengaluru Mahanagara Palike (BBMP) has blamed Manyata Tech Park, one of the largest information technology hubs in the city, for the flooding of its premises.

BBMP authorities running the tech park are yet to find the solution for the flooding in Manyata Tech Park. Even after removing the covered slab of a drain there is no relief in this area.

BBMP engineer working in the stormwater drain department said that the tech park is facing lots of problems this year. As the drainage is system has become old so it needs to be revamped. It is need to be ensure that the surface water easily flows into stormwater drains then this problem will be resolved automatically.

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