New Social Media Rules – Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter Ban?

Since yesterday there is speculation that Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram might get Banned in India from May 26 due to new Social Media Rules.

Social Media Users were worried about this issue since yesterday.

This image from is depicting New Social Media Rules for India.


According to the New Social Media Rules, Social Media companies such as Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram will lose their status and protection as Intermediaries under the Indian Information Technology Act, 2008 amended Section 79.

On February 25, The Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology made new Intermediary Guidelines and Digital Media ethics code rules for which they gave 3 Months deadline to the organizations till May 25. The requirement was to appoint a resident grievance officer as part of a larger grievance redressal mechanism, monthly compliance report of Indian users, active monitoring of the content of Social Media platforms. The Government of India wants to protect the rights of Indian citizens and actively monitor the platform to remove hate-mongering content and take down contain including revenge porn.

According to the new IT Rules, 2021, now Digital Media platforms require a larger grievance redressal mechanism including a Chief compliance officer, a Nodal Contact Person, and a Resident Grievance Officer. The Social Media platforms will need to publish these details on their website and mobile applications. By this New Social Media Rule, Digital Media platforms need to acknowledge the complaint by the users within 24 hours and platforms will need to take any action within 15 days from the date of receipt.

Though this will not change the way we usually interact with any Social Media platform. Unless you are not breaking the rules with posts that are offensive or dangerous. The only difference you will see now is quick action on the grievances received by Indian users, the Social Media platforms will need to be responsive.

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