Dubai Government: Goes 100% Paperless in the world

Dubai stands on 1st in World to go 100% paperless. All the internal, external transactions and procedure goes digitally now in Dubai. Dubai has become 100% digital and managed from a comprehensive digital government service platform.

The Emirate’s Crown Prince, Sheikh Hamdan Bin Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum announced that Dubai has now become the world’s first government to turn 100% paperless.

He also pointed at savings of 1.3 billion Dirham (USD 350 Million) and 14-million-man hours.

Going Paperless Strategy :

The strategy of digital implemented in five consecutive phases each of which enlisted in different groups of Dubai Government’s entities. BY the end of the 5th phase, the strategy of paperless fully implemented to 45 government entities in the emirate.

The strategy of going digitally provide more than 1,800 digital services and over 10,500 key transactions.

Advantages of Being Digital :

Dubai Crown Prince announcing pointed at the savings of 1.3 billion Dirham (USD 350 Million) and 14-million-man hours across the Dubai Government. This also saved million of papers which leads to a decrease in deforestation of trees in Dubai.

The complete digital transformation will enrich the smart city experience for the residents staying in Dubai.

Digitalization will also help in providing exceptional experiences for residents through the DubaiNow application.

“The achievement of this target marks the beginning of a new stage in Dubai’s journey to digitize life in all its aspects-a journey rooted in innovation, creativity, and a focus on the future.” Said Sheikh Hamdan on Saturday.

“This accomplishment also references Dubai’s status as a world-leading digital capital and its status as a role model in designing government operations and services that enhance customer happiness,” he added.

Countries Planning to Run Digital Government :

Other than Dubai US, UK, Europe, and Canada also expressed their plan to turn their government operations digitally on large scale. Which will help encompasses government procedures and citizens identification.

Dubai Future Strategies :

The government making plans to implement advanced strategies to create the digital life in Dubai. over the next five decades. He further added to his announcement that Dubai’s digital journey will enhance and empower the future government. To meet the expectations of the residents of Dubai and will provide them new opportunities for prosperity and sustainable development.

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