How to get ready for first date

How To Get Ready On the First Date?

This is something that you may have heard from your friend who is going on his/her first date. A date is a social or romantic appointment with a person you know barely and here you have to put your first impression on them. A date comes with a whirlwind of emotions. There is nervousness, excitement, anticipation, fun, endless questions, and so much more.

This is the time we all are trying to be the best of ourselves to make someone fall in love with us.  The act of getting ready and planning for the date first date can be super nerve-wracking. Planning for a tour first date to make them have a great time with you and show how much you are interested in them can be hard at times. There are so many questions going on in our minds during this time that “What makeup should we wear for a date?” or “How everything will go on?” or so on. Before jumping into the whole tips and tricky part there is one thing you should first do.

  • Self-Analysis –

There is no one, not a single person who is going to talk to you if you do not have anything to talk about on a genuine basis. Just imagine you meeting the other person and not talking to them and laughing genuinely. You do not share any connection and that is not how a good date should go. Right?

  • Getting Ready Mentally(Before Wearing Clothes You Should Wear A Right Mindset)

What I basically mean by mindset is preparing your mind for what are you going to do. Let me explain it. You should think about what you are going to talk about and laugh about. Are you going to the date from a real relationship perspective or is it going to be short-term dating? Setting Your Mind According to the future outcome stops your personality to do something that is not going to be beneficial for your future and maybe for your relationship.  

Allow me to take you to the tips and trick section which might be what you need –

1. Hygiene:

For everyone out there who thinks dating is about-face only then please, people have some respect for your mind and nose too because it is not only facing. It is about fragrance and personality. The face is the last thing.

So take a bath and brush your teeth. Use a good smelling perfume and have a clean new haircut if possible.

2. Humor (Can be a dark also):

Okay so now tell me which person in this whole world does not like to laugh and if anyone is out there who falls in this category then please Sir/Ma’am, You need a checkup as soon as possible. For the rest of us is –

Fact: We tend to like those people more who can make us laugh.

And now that is the whole game to make the other person like you.

  • Tip 1.

Learn Some Prewritten Jokes.

  • Tip 2.

Let the Opportunity Come to You to Crack that Joke.

By the above tip i do not mean that just crack it at an awkward place but let the moment come.

3. Picking up the Outfit:

Here comes the point for which most of you have clicked to this article link.

She: What Should I Wear?

So, that is the reason you are here because you could not find the right person to answer this question.

  1. You’re outfit should be enlighten with your personality.

By enlighten with your personality I mean that your outfit should speak for you.

For Example- If you want to be portrayed as a simple and sophisticated woman then you can wear a perfect black dress. If a normal girl wears something casual like a hoodie or jeans-top then it can be awkward for the first date.

4. Getting Physical:

Before you start saying that hey, we should not be physical on our first date then try to listen to me first.

Touching is far the best way to show your affection towards someone but you should do it carefully or else you will be seen as creepy.

  • Guiding the other person with your hand-holding hands creates a bit of affection between both of you.
  • Hugging him when you meet him but be careful that you do not end up being in the friend zone.
  • Try to create a connection between you both with being caring.

5. Have A Plan:

Having a plan is one the main thing you should be clear that where you want to meet and then where you should head to or are you going to walk along the road holding hands talking or is he going to you to his home? You should plan everything at that time given to you.

  • Conclusion :-

 Concluding everything I talked about above are the things which I came through by generalizing the tips and some I got from people and implemented them by myself and it worked for me surely. But if it does not work for you then do not get upset or think you are not worthy of anything.  It happens every time. No one is good at everything. Just Practice more and find new tricks and we will surely love to hear those.