advantages and disadvantages of technology

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Technology

“Technology can improve, can deteriorate, can divide and can unite us. “

Technology is escalating with leaps and bounds. We can’t imagine our day without it. From a toothbrush to a space vehicle we are encircled by technology.

But to completely rely on it, is the point from where the problem arises. Every moon has a dark as well as bright side same technology is a boon as well as a curse to mankind.

Advantages of Technology

Let’s begin with the advantages:-

1. Ease to do work :-

The change in era has brought comfort in doing harsh work. The task which used to take lots of human efforts can be done by machinery in no time. It has brought comfort in long-distance traveling, loading goods, cultivating lands, and many more. The work which used to take months or year to accomplish can now be completed in days or hours. Thus, providing comfort technology also saves time. We can communicate, travel, cook, or do many things in no time. Technology leads to less consumption of time.

2. Advancement in medicine :-

There was a time  when man used to afraid of the disease

 like cancer, plague, and many health ailments. But with the advancement in technology, we have microscopes, ultrasound techniques, x-ray technique which helps to detect the disease present in any part of the body. The research has gone so far that it has developed the medicine for every disease.

3. Education :-

E – blackboards, smart learning, advanced computer labs have increased the level of education. Now a student from a remote area can take advanced lectures through virtual classes.

4. Utilization of resources :-

The technology has developed equipment that helps in the extraction of natural resources and hence, it leads to development. It also leads to less human effort and labor.

5. Agricultural advancement :-

  Technology has brought pesticides, insecticides, and many advanced types of equipment to help farmers in cultivation. This leads to a good yield of crops and an increase in food output.

6. Employment offers :-

The change in era and technology has brought new employment offers for the youngsters and for many people in automobile, mechanical, and many more industries.

7. Weapons :-

Now we have nuclear weapons and powerful arms for protection and safety concerns. Thus, it leads India to count as one of the powerful countries in the world.

8. Internet Marketing :-

The Internet is the biggest blessing to humankind from technology. With the help of it, the customers and consumers can fulfill their respective needs. A person having business in India can do publicity of its business in America. This also makes many options available for the customers.

Disadvantages of Technology

There are many advantages of technology which helps us in many aspects of life. But seeing the only side is not a wise thing. , let’s throw some light on the disadvantages of technology:-

1. Pollution :- 

The dangerous outcome of technology is pollution. The smoke and waste products that come from the factories pollute the air and water that leads to health hazards. Radioactive waste create many health ailments.

Polluted air and water bodies are misbalancing the cycle of nature and climate. That leads to serious problems like global warming and climate change. The depletion of the ozone layer and the melting of the glacier are the outcomes of pollution. This leads to an increase in the sea level and scarcity of water in many places

2. Unemployment :-

Now the machines have replaced humans from the factories which causes unemployment. Factories from the automobile and mechanical field have snatched the work from the hand of daily wagers.

3. Nuclear Threat :-

Due to the development of nuclear weapons, everyone is under the threat of nuclear weapons. Hiroshima and Nagasaki bomb blast is one of the best and heart-wrenching incidents in history which reflects the threat of nuclear weapons. The after-effects of nuclear reactions are dangerous for human health as well as for future generations.

4. Human as a slayer :-

 Man is totally dependent upon technology for his work. This mads him lazy and also easily prone to diseases. He should do the work which can be done by himself.

5. Unsustainable Development :-  

The resources are extracted from the earth at an alarming rate which leads to unsustainable development. If this manner will continue then the day is not so far when there will be no natural resources available for us. This also puts the future generation I’m a serious problem.

6. Food quality :-

The excessive use of fertilizers and insecticides is harming and degrading the quality of crops. When this fertilizer mixes with the water bodies, they pollute the water bodies as well as harm the aquatic life. Due to the artificial food, the immunity of the man is low and he is easily prone to diseases.

There are many more disadvantages of technology. It depends upon the human how to use it. If we want the earth to remain green, rivers to flow, flowers to bloom, and wind to blow then we should adopt sustainable practices in our daily life otherwise it will never too late. We should use bicycles to travel short distances, we should switch to solar energy and wind energy. Our future generation has to suffer very badly because of our carelessness.