tips for buying a lipstick

Tips For Buying A Lipstick

Lipstick is chief of all the cosmetics. Lipstick emphasizes the lips and makes a woman intricate. Those girls who are not satisfied with their lips can use lipsticks and lip pencils to get the desired shape of the lips. This makes their lips big and plump. In the early days, there were merely two or three shades of lipsticks. But now there are innumerous shades available in the market. Thus, it confuses the girls about which color to buy. Therefore these tips for buying a lipstick should be considered beforehand.

So, let us have a look on the factors we should consider whenever we go to buy a lipstick:-

  • Whenever we go to buy a lipstick keep your skin color into consideration. Because there are many colors that do not go with fare color and some do not go well with dark skin. For example: – Girls having white skin should apply light colors like light pink, light orange, or peach color. Girls with medium skin tone can use nude colors, red and maroon shades or wine color will also look good on such skin tone. Now, tanned girls can use dark colors like red, brown, and coffee shades. Nude shades lipstick go well with all skin types.
  • Now, the second factor to be considered is the size of the lips. Dark lip color will make lips look smaller. So, the girls having bigger lips should apply dark lip shades like red, brown, etc. and the girls having smaller lips should go for light lip balms and glosses.
  • Hair color also affects the color of lipstick to be used. With blonde hairs light or cool color suits. With black hairs, deep maroon and deep red go well to give you a statement look. In case you are having grey hairs, use shades with a blue and red base.
  • In case you are having yellow color teeth and you want your lips to look whiter. Then you should choose some dark and warm lip shades like nude pink, red with a blue base, or simple blue to make your yellow teeth look white. This is one of the most important tips for buying lipstick.
  • One more thing to consider is the place where you have to visit after applying lipstick or the place where you spend your day. Red shades and nudes go well in offices. On occasion and parties, you can choose according to your dress color.
  • Your lipstick color should go well with the color of the dress you are wearing. Here are some color combinations to wear with different dresses.
  • Black => Deep Red, Deep Maroon, and Wine color, etc. All lip shades go well with black.
  • Yellow => Red, Brown and Orange.
  • Blue => Red, Light Pink, and Orange.
  • Pink => All pink shades.

Always keep in mind that with light color clothes warm color lip shades go well.

  • Keep the brand of the lipstick in your mind. Lipsticks from the best brands will keep your lips healthy without any side effects. In order to choose the right brands go through the reviews of that particular brand. Or in case you have any doubt or skin infection ask your dermatologist.

So, these were so points to keep in mind while buying a lipstick. I want to end the topic with a line that “No matter what you wear or what you apply. Your etiquette determines who you are not your dresses and makeup. So, don’t fall far outer beauty because all that glitters is not gold.”  

So these were some amazing beauty tips for buying a lipstick.