What do you prefer? go for shopping or just browse

Do You Prefer To Go For Shopping Or Just Browse?

Shopping is all about making instant decisions. You have to choose the right product out of many choices. For a person like me, shopping is a headache, choosing from many.

Whenever I feel that there is a need to buy something new I land on shopping apps to find out what is trending. This helps me to stay updated with the trends and offers.

I compare the prices and then decide what to buy and from where to buy it.

There are many shopping apps that give updates about trends and offers. This also helps us to avoid shopping. Shopping offline has many merits for online shopping.

In offline shopping, one can try and change the item. We can check out the material by ourselves. This makes us sure about the quality of the item.

In this traditional way of shopping, we can bargain with the shopkeeper. These things show that traditional shopping is the best shopping.

But merger knowledge is dangerous thing. Now let us have a look on online shopping.

In online shopping, customers go through the items from different apps and reviews of the item. Some apps and websites also provide a discount when we use credit cards for payments.

In online shopping, we can’t test the cloth or items by ourselves. We just look upon the reviews of the products. Some sites also charge for delivery services.

I have a very bad experience with online shopping. I ordered a set of skirt suits which was looking very pretty and gorgeous in the photos. But when I received the parcel omg!!. It was worst than the opposite.

So, from that day I don’t believe in online marketing. My votes goes to offline shopping .