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Fashion Blunder You Should Not Follow

Wardrobe malfunctioning is in the air nowadays. Sometimes from small actresses to great designers fails in bedecking themselves. This makes them a victim of criticism. To save you from becoming a scapegoat we are here with some fashion blunder you should not follow :

1. Don’t adorn too much

In order to look attractive, some people wear excessive accessories. This looks too bad. Always try to remain simple but in case you want to adore yourself go for fewer accessories. If you are wearing a watch in one hand then keep the other one empty. In case you are wearing big earrings then say no to necklines. If you are applying dark lipstick then keep your eyes simple or vice versa. Don’t wear off shoulders and short skirts together.

2. Too small or too large

Don’t go for showing off your body parts. While shopping doesn’t forget your size. Wearing too many short clothes makes you look ugly. Sometimes people go for oversized pants and jackets. To some extent, it looks good but beyond that, it looks funny and makes you feel uncomfortable. So try to fit in yourself in proper size.

3. Chose right garments

Choosing the wrong undergarments can create a blunder for you. Wear those undergarments that go well with what you are wearing. Take into consideration that the colour of your outfit goes well with the colour of undergarments.  Wear a transparent or strapless bra with off shoulders. Don’t wear dark colour panties with light colour trousers.

4. Color Combination

Too many colours pierce the eyes. Whenever you are wearing some experimental doesn’t become too colourful. A good colour combination makes you look pretty whereas a bad one can ruin your personality. Bad colour combinations are orange and red, red and green, green and pink, purple and yellow, etc. This is a fashion blunder you should not follow A pro tip is don’t combine more than three colours.

5. Beside these some other points to remember are :

  • In case you are wearing shorts don’t forget to wax.
  •  Don’t become too experimental. If you want to try something outside the box. Then, ask your friends and family does it go well or not.
  • Dress according to your age.

At last, wear what makes you feel comfortable and confident. Moreover, if you are beautiful from inside then you don’t need to wear brands and makeup.