10 Fashion Diy

The Top 10 Fashion DIY

When it comes to fashion, females are interested in many fashionable things. We all love fashion and every female builds her own style in it. With your old clothes, you can make scarves, sweaters, headbands, high heels, and other pieces of clothing. Also, this post is about easy and interesting fashion DIY. You can try any of these and believe me, you won’t regret those. In this article, we will discuss 10 fashion DIY.

There are some great tips and hacks about what you can do with your clothes that you think are no longer useful. Also, these DIY and hacks will inspire you to become more creative and realize that you can be your own fashion designer. Every fashion DIY has its own specialty, so try to decide which one of these amazing hacks you like the most and of course, try to make it by yourself. So these are 10 fashion DIY :

1. Old Cardigan Turned Vacay in the Hamptons

Contrarily you can use an old cardigan that has no life anymore. Add some ruffles from old scrap fabric (laces, polka-dots, chiffon ). A platter of bows, trimmings, ruffled scraps, and chain links will do the trick to your cardigan.

2. DIY Convertible Shawl/Shrug

Great for a last-minute styling, this shrug can be worn in several different ways and it takes just a few minutes to make. I hand-dyed my own shawl before it was a white jersey. I serged the edges as well. If you use a jersey you can easily leave the edges unfinished or unstitched. Just tug it to get a roll.

3. DIY Plain tank sewn zipper racer back.

The length of the zipper is totally your choice. You can stitch it all around the front or stop at the top of the back neckline as I did. It’s the little details like this changes a plain top. All I had was a black zipper, on the other hand, you can try some fun colors like neon pinks, coral, mint…

4. DIY Heart Sweater

This is a super quick and simple method for sewing your very own heart sweater! We’ve seen this cute stylish trend all over this year and love the simple statement that a big heart can make!

5. DIY Quick Embellished Collar

From runways to high street stores, embellished collars are everywhere and very expensive. Add some bling (Stick artificial stones to your t-shirts round neckline) to your old tops or t-shirts this festive season!

6. DIY Embellished Sweater

Added the appliqué by hand sewing or by a hot glue gun around the outside edges and then cut the remainder on the inside. And really it will be easier with the hot glue gun, but finding the embellishment will be the hard part.

7. DIY: Coco Cold Shoulder From T-Shirt

I don’t know how my mind thought of this DIY but I’ve always loved the look and style of chains as an embellishment, very Coco Chanel.  This DIY can be no-sew too and takes less time to complete it.

8. DIY Off Shoulder Top Sewing Skirt For Girls

  This pleated off-shoulder top is a perfect piece that every female must have in their wardrobe. For this refashion hack, I used the elastic waistband around the shoulders to create a perfect fit for the off-shoulder top.

9.DIY Girls Beautiful Skirt In Blue Color

From embroidered bomber jackets to retro mini blue dress, it was a mix of 80’s cool meets modern rad fashion. For the first look, I created a lace bell sleeve to wear during the fashion show that can be removed as well.

10. DIY: Embroidery on sheer fabrics with Sulky Sulky fabric really opened my eyes to the possibilities of machine and hand embroidery. Also, these Sulky products can successfully embroider on lightweight fabrics like tulle, chiffon, organza, and knits.  They have stabilizers for all types of DIY.

These were some amazing 10 FASHION DIY , for every day life .