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Why You Should Not Dye Your Hair

Who does not love to alter their appearance to look more beautiful, alluring, and attractive, but yet in an inexpensive way? Here, hair dying can be the most appropriate way to alter your looks. At some point in our lives, we all had thought about dying our hair.

This is because maybe you got influenced by the look of your favorite celebrity or amazed by the hair color of the Disney princesses. But at the last minute, some of us have also changed their mind.

This might be because we all know that how difficult it can be to take care of our hair on regular basis between your so hectic schedule and after a hair dye your hair needs more care and attention to sustain its beauty.

Here are some reasons why you should love your simply natural yet beautiful hair and should not choose to dye your hair.

1. Cause loss of hair –

Who does not love to have beautiful hair (especially women)? Maybe in the parlor after the hair dye, your hair will look beautiful but after coming back come it can become a permanent pain also.

Hair dye contains toxic components that can damage your hairs from roots. After a while, you may have severe hair loss. With the growing age, this hair loss can become a permanent problem that will result in the loss of your hair completely.

According to the Dermatologist, hair loss from the dye is hair breakage, but it can happen in such quantities that you will feel a complete hair loss.

2. Harmful Chemicals –

Hair dye contains different types of chemicals that can damage your hair as well as your health in a long. It can cause major health issues such as blood cancer and bladder cancer.

It is said that a hair dye is made up of a chemical called p-Phenylenediamine or PPD. The use of PPD in skin contact applications has a high potential to induce allergic skin reactions.

The company that produces dye already knows this fact but at last, it is your decision that you want to continue the use of dye or not.

3. Wastage of money and time – 

We all once have heard the proverb which is “Time is money” which means that no one should waste time as time is very precious and the other side we all know the value of money.

No one should waste them both and I feel that dying hair is a waste of both time and money. It is because after dying your hair, you need to take extra care of your hair and have a hair treatment at a specific interval of time to reduce damage.

Hair dying can be really expensive which also depends on which hair color or treatment you choose and then spending a lot of time in the parlor to make it done. Doing so at a regular interval of time can be a real waste of your time and money.

4. Changes the hair texture –

Whether you are simply using gloss or dye, both can damage your hair. Once you dye your hair then you have to visit the parlor at a specific interval of time for treatments that continues to damage your hair, resulting in the damage of the texture of your hair.

5. Hairs can go grey –

Once you dye your hair, taking care of them can be expensive. If because of some reasons you do not take care of them or with the period of time your hair will lose its color and gradually your hair will turn grey.

In a gist, it can be said that hair dying cannot be a good choice as it requires commitment and it can be too expensive to bear also. Gradually with the period of time, you can lose your complete hair also.

After a hair dye, it requires special shampoo and conditioner which are really expensive. It will also consume your precious time in parlors. Hair dye can also be a cause of various allergies and diseases like blood cancer and bladder cancer. 

So above are some reasons which state that you should not dye your hair. I personally recommend that you should not die your hairs but instead, you can use alternatives in place of hair die.

Alternatives like different wigs or different colors of strands in your main hair. Just try to embrace your natural hair. God has given every one of us a different color like black, brown, golden, etc., and different textures of hair like curl, straight, etc. which is unique in itself.

Just be happy with whatever you have. I hope this article will help you in your decision of dying your hair or not.