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Delicious Pancakes Recipe


Here are the ingredients required to make Pancakes.

1cup all purpose flour 

1tbsp sugar 

3tsp baking powder salt as per taste


750ml milk 

¼cup melted butter


● Take a large bowl. To it, add all-purpose flour, sugar, baking powder, and salt as per taste. Mi well. Crack open the egg, add milk and melted butter, and stir well until the barter becomes moist and semi-liquid.
● Now, take a small bowl that can contain about ¼th of your barter to the brim. Using the bowl, pour it over a pan preheated with oil.
● Cook until the side becomes golden brown or if you notice bubbles. Flip over for the next side to be cooked. And your pancakes are ready!

Health suggestions

The classic pancakes are known to be a good source of vitamins and minerals. Also, pancakes that are whole wheat made, consist of higher amounts of calcium, iron, and phosphorus.
Hence, it is safe to include pancakes in our diet maybe once or twice a week, probably for breakfast as they’re also nutritious!Varieties3

Pancakes have several varieties besides the most famous one — the classic! Europe crepes, Blini, Dutch baby, Potato cakes, and much more.

Several varieties have come up, thanks to the classic pancakes gaining fame from across the world. So everywhere it went, people modified the classic version based on the available seasonal ingredients.