Which Fashion Trend Is Cringy And Should Not Follow

Truth is, not everyone is fashionable. Not everyone is concerned about wearing others’ are wearing. And that is totally okay.

To be honest, if we all looked the same, it would be very boring. It’s okay to be different. It’s okay to spend your money on the outfits you want to wear.

It’s totally fine if you’re not interested in fashion. I do consider myself a fashionista but that doesn’t mean I always wear the latest trends. In fact, most of the time, I just wear what I love, whether it is a trend or not.

Most fashion trends don’t last…….I think everyone knows this and it is so true. Fashion trends are constantly changing and the outfits or clothes you wear today may suddenly become out of fashion tomorrow.

So, I feel that this is a great example of why sometimes following fashion trends is not always a good idea.

With being said that, there’s a trend going on; monochrome and minimalistic. And while it will eventually be displaced by a newer trend, I think they’re here to stay!

Fashion trends take away the ‘you’ from you…..One of the beautiful things about fashion is that it is a way for people to let their personalities shine throughout. But sometimes following fashion trends can take that away from you.

If you’re wearing the same things everybody else is wearing, where is your personal style? Choose something that gives off your Style, clothing that reflects your own fashion & personality. Of course, follow a fashion trend but at the same time make it your own.

Fashion trends aren’t for everyone…...And that’s really okay! Another most beautiful thing about fashion is that there are different styles for different. Not everyone likes every trend, like jeans biker sports which I don’t like at all.

I think they’re so ugly and would never wear them. And there are a couple of trends that don’t flatter everyone’s body shape. But there are trends Many people love and won’t stop wearing anytime soon. If you aren’t comfortable wearing something, emotionally and physically, then just don’t!

Wear what you like……..If you don’t like certain patterns, colors, or styles, just ignore them, even if the world’s top models are parading them up and down the catwalks, just ignore them! Create your own clothes, your own personal style, mixing and matching your outfits and accessories until you find something that suits you.

Wear what you are comfortable, and not what others think you should be wearing. Besides, we all feel confident when we like our outfits!

Fashion will eat up your budget…..Except for those classic pieces of fashion, clothing is temporary, trends come and go.

And if you’re a fashion addict, you have to agree that every time a new trend hits the high street, your bank balance suddenly takes a downturn. And sometimes it can even be a waste of money, as trends don’t last long and you want to keep up.

But if you decide to not always follow the trends, you can save a lot of money rather than bankrupting yourself.

Just think of the money you should save to spend on more meaningful things. I honestly do follow trends, but when I like them. I’m not concerned about wearing the latest fashion every single time but I choose to wear what I like, whether it’s a current trend or it’s offseason.

There’s no harm to buy the latest trends occasionally, but only do so if you truly want to, and please don’t fall prey to peer pressure or attempts to fit in with everybody else.

Just wear what you want, and be happy with your style. Whether your outfits are in fashion or not, you need to prioritize your own personal look over that chosen by those around you.