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Top 5 Clothing Brands In India

Among Indian Youth fashion and brand go hand in hand. They have become spendthrift to maintain their luxurious lifestyle. From shoes, clothes, makeup to lingerie they want to go for brands. The youth is very much fascinated by the brands. Brands give them a chance to boast. Social Media adds some fuel to the fire, where everyone posts pictures of their luxurious lifestyle. In the fear of missing out (F.O.M.O), youth starts copying each other. Brand ambassador plays a major role in this psychosis. In India the population is very much engrossed by film stars and models, when they used to do publicity of brands, it attracts the youth towards the brands. On looking upon this craze, businesses started investing in brands to get more and more money. There are many clothing brands in India but we are here with the Top 5 clothing Brands in India.

So Let’s see the Top 5 clothing brands in India :

1. Park Avenue

 The name Park Avenue is taken from the street of New York which is famous for it’s fashionable and luxurious living. Park Avenue was introduced by Raymond in 1986, only for men. It is one of the leading brands which offers a complete wardrobe for men. In 2007 it launched its women range. Also, it provides a wide variety of ready-made garments. The motive of this brand to provide the best outfits and to fulfill customer satisfaction. The staff is amiable and ready to guide. In fact, this brand gives the best shopping experience to the customers. Park Avenue contributes around 40% of total revenue to Raymond Company. Park Avenue’s total estimated worth is Rs 1,000 crore. Besides clothes, the brand provides body care products like soap, deo, perfume, grooming, and gifting offer are also available here.

2. Lee

Lee was firstly introduced in 1889 in Kansas by Henry David Lee. The company makes denim, jumpsuits, casual wear, and many more that fulfill our wardrobe needs. Lee has one of the best customer services. It serves its clothes with the best fabrics.

3. Pepe jeans

Pepe jeans are one of the most demanding and popular brands in India. Established in 1973 in London. It offers a wardrobe for men, women, and children. Its collection has shirts, skirts, jeans, jumpsuits, and many more. Also, its funky outfits attract youngsters and teenagers towards it. In 2016, this company has a turnover of 424 crores in India.

4. Flying Machine

The flying machine was launched in 1980. It provides fashion with comfort collection. Besides outfits, it is famous for its unique accessories. Arvind Limited company owns this. Looking upon its popularity the company aims Rs. 1000 crore revenue by 2020.

5. Levi’s

Levi’s is the most popular brand in Indian youngsters. It was introduced in the year 1853 as Levi Strauss and Co. In 1995 it was launched in India and now it is one of the trusted Indian clothing brands. It has products for people of all age groups.

So, these are the top 5 clothing brands in India. Besides this, we have Provogue, Van Heusen, Numerous Uno, and many more.