Top 5 Indian Male Fashion Bloggers

Fashion is an aesthetic way of displaying one’s style at a particular time, place, or moment. Unlike other constant things, fashion is subjected to constant change with time. In this article, we will be discussing the top 5 Indian male fashion bloggers. The “Trend” term is something around which the fashion industry revolves. From time to time the fashion industry comes up with trends to make us more acquainted with the changing world. Fashion weeks are held all over the world, designers display their work, and magazines and web pages are written. The word got spread about fashion weeks to our local designers and fashion magazines. That is how we got the updates.

Due to a drastic change In technology in the past decade, we have live broadcast over social media, also there are our most loved fashion influencers and bloggers who style up accordingly and show us if the look is meant to or not meant to be. Thanks to Kim Jones (lead designer and owner of Dior men line)  the men fashion was not left behind in any way. Every season they hit the industry with a gorgeous line of clothes for both working men and men who like to keep it casual. Men bloggers though not many, but are also making a way in the industry.

Why are fashion bloggers necessary ?

For anyone who does not follow one, needs to know the importance of someone who is an influencer or blogger. Fashion Bloggers are updated with all the trends. They keep track of every new line of clothes and know what is affordable medium, and high-end fashion. They are the best people to suggest clothes, styles, or any accessories. These people keep track of all newly launched brands and fashion tips and help us being updated.

These fashion bloggers have a network of stylists, fashion gurus, and all those involved in the industry to make it easy for fellow followers and customers to know what to invest in.

Additionally, fashion Bloggers play a crucial role to be brutally honest and tell us what style suits whom and where to look for.

Top 5 Indian male fashion bloggers are listed down below :


He is the creator of the channel THE BEER BICEPS

Ranveer is a well known name and has a 2.77million strong YouTube fam and 950k strong Instagram fam.

He is a lifestyle influencer, fitness, style, fashion. He is an overall talent and also does podcasts which are a blast. Ranveer has worked with many well-known names in the industry and knows what he wants. His channel was built to increase fitness awareness but his style and looks have made him a fashion figure as well. He is as honest as his podcasts and believes that the people know the truth be it about fashion, industry, or life.

Also his podcast was awarded as India’s Smartest Podcast.

Who can follow him?His feeds are applicable to both men and women. Also, he is someone who knows what he is good at and takes total advantage through his videos or posts.


He goes by the name THE FORMAL EDIT.

He is a 19-year-old lawyer turned blogger who is passionate about fashion which is clearly seen in his videos and posts. His Instagram fam is 255k strong and YouTube fam is 113k strong. He gives good grooming tips to maintain healthy male skin. He has the best tips on men skincare and understands how to handle that rough skin. Karron also does luxury clothing styles.

Karron S Dhinggra gives a lot of attention to his community and does request videos.

Who should follow him?

People with skincare issues and who want to know the latest trends, he also does videos of what clothing suits each Indian skin tone.

Also, his Instagram feed speaks a lot about his love for being in trend and a trendsetter. Furthermore, he is one of the top 5 Indian male fashion bloggers.


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once upon a time

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He is the award winner of the best Indian fashion blogger-2019. He is a well-known name in the industry and is loved by all. Also, his Instagram fam is 77.6k strong. He has his own fashion line card THE DAPPER LABEL. He is an example of a minimalist and effortless fashion influencer. His feed is simple yet nerve tingling. He has tie-ups with not only upcoming brands but also high-end brands like Dior, CK. Usaamah Siddique is also a photographer and his ideas of portraits are seen in this feed. He understands how men’s fashion varies and works hard to show the same. He is a believer and a true influencer in every term.

Who can follow him?

As he is a minimalist, casual lovers can get a few ideas from his feeds. He also does luxury shoots so almost any kind of audience is welcome to check his feed out.


He is the creator of THE STYLE DODDLER

His Instagram fam is 70.6k strong. He does skincare and fashion blog. Moreover, he has graduated from the fashion institute of Bangalore and runs his blog. The blog features ideas to dress, maintain your skin, how to style, and updates with trends. He is a well-known blogger who creates his own content to keep it real. He has also featured in Myntra Fashion Superstar, season 1, and aims to go higher and higher with his blog channel.

Who can follow him?

His blog is extremely stylish and made for people who need to know the classy men’s lifestyle. Also, all those who love to take care of their skin and want to learn about styling and fashion could give his blog posts a try.


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He is the creator of BOWTIESANDBONES.COM

His Instagram fam is 15.6k strong and YouTube fam is 3.15k strong. Moreover, Allen Claudius is the first sneaker reviewer who unboxes and reviews them on feet in India. Furthermore, he does lifestyle, food, fashion, style blogging, and is much more concentrated on men’s fashion.

 He is an upcoming youtuber. Also his online magazine features all kinds of shoes and fashion ideas.

He also is a photographer whose pictures are well shown off in his online magazine.

Who can follow him? All those sneakers enthusiasts and style crazy buffs who want their feet to do the talking can subscribe to him. Check out how to earn as a fashion blogger