7 Biggest Color Trends In 2020

2020 came with a whole lot of surprise yet, the color theory was not one. Colors are the way to express oneself and our mood. In this article, we will discuss the 7 biggest color trends in 2020.

Even though the mood was set to really blue and grey, these colors were not shown on the runway nor set as the color pattern by the Pantone color institute.

Yes, the outfits are an important part of the fashion Industry but without colors, they are just dull pieces of clothes stitched together. Also, colors play a necessary role in lifting our mood to attract us to the outfit.

The designers choose their color theory for the year or the season based on the story they wish to share with the colors they see going with the environmental shades for that season.

7 biggest colour trends in 2020 which broke the internet are :

1. Classic Blue

Pantone color institute chooses a color of the year each year. And for 2020 it was Classic blue which has been adopted in fashion, beauty, and all industries with love. Moreover, it signifies a Calm and confident mind making it the style mantra of all.

2. Flame Scarlet

This shade has been seen widely on the runway in dresses, gowns, tops, and couture fashion. Moreover, it shows passion and fierce nature making it the choice of outfit for all women who like to make a statement or be bold.

3. Coral pink

To kick in those feminine vibes, this color was seen on the runway to show the warmth and welcoming embrace for spring and summer fashion.

4. Faded denim

Who does not love denim? Faded denim has been seen on the runway in many fabric options and in dresses, skirts, and tops. It signifies comfort and ease. Moreover, it is the most Relatable and dependable shade of blue. Furthermore, it could be the next color trend for casual fashion color board.

5. Brilliant White

This is a classic shade that signifies so many feelings. White is clean, classy, chic, formal, casual everything, and anything. Moreover, it is a symbol of Simplicity with modernity for our millennials who love that clean crisp, and pristine look.

6. Chive

After so many options for green, the new herbal green is chosen for the spring and summer shade to signify health and harmony. It soothes the eyes and also added that dull look to the bright skin or makeup.

7. Tangerine

This orange peel shade is chosen for showing fresh and fruity moods. Also, they can be worn as tops or dresses or could be incorporated in accessories like scarfs and stoles. Moreover, this shade adds that tasteful tang to the outfit and personality.

These colors have stolen the runway this year. For any fashion enthusiast who is unaware of the industry during the lockdown, this is your chance to play with these lovely colors and create your own mood board for the rest of the year.

So these were 7 biggest color trends in 2020.