Men's Fashion Trend

Men’s Fashion Trends To Keep For 2020

In the case of fashion, men are as much as cautious as women. To look dashing and charming is the dream of every man. From dhoti kurtas to bell bottom, bell-bottom to straight cut, men’s fashion is undergoing change. Every year comes with new fashion trends. So, let’s check Men’s Fashion Trends To Keep For 2020:-

1. Stripes

There are two reasons for adding the vertical stripes trend in the men’s wardrobe: first, it looks charming and simple, men can also try it with prints second, it makes them look slimmer, taller, and handsome.

2. Cross body bags

A crossbody bag is a super comfortable and stylish look to keep the belongings safe. It is the unique add up in fashion. Long strap or short strap body bags both types look jazz with outfits.

3. Vibrant Shirts

Vibrant shirts go well with simple pants or striped pants. It is one of the funky styles to keep in 2020. This makes you look stylish as well as classy.

4. Pastel Pink

It is the myth that men don’t wear pink but the truth is that real men wear pink. Pink pantsuits and pink T-shirts give elegant look to the handsome lad.

5. Collar Shirts

Collar shirts with short sleeves are an essay way to make a statement. They can be worn with short pants and bold printed pants. This look looks jazzier with sunglasses.

6. Bell bottom

It seems like that clock is moving anticlockwise and we are in the 70s because the trend of our legendary heroes is back in 2020. Bell bottoms make you look tall and feel casual. This look goes well with a hoodie and a fitted T-shirt.

7. Knee Shorts

Bright color knee shorts with light color tees in summers. This look goes well with knee socks and shoes.

8. Prints

Flower prints and patchworks are in the trending charts of 2020. This gives a pop to the white simple outfits. It is a simple way to add a spice of tradition in modern wear.

9. Pockets

Pockets are the easy way to carry something with an outfit. Endless pockets on jackets and cargos give a stylish look to a man.

10. Leather pieces

Leather pants and jackets are a good way to keep the look stylish and funky. Over all-black leather suit with an oversized coat is on trending charts.

11. Strap  Slides

Two strapped slippers are something to add on in 2020. This makes your summer look stylish as well as comfortable.

12. High Waist Trousers

Old is gold. It is one of the old fashion renewed with a T-shirt and open shirts. It gives you a formal as well as a stylish look.

13. Sunglasses

Oversized aviator, Classic brow bar, small cat eyes are some of the trending sunglasses in 2020. Add them in your wardrobe to give yourself a stylish look.

14. Cargo pants

Cargo pants are a good way to come back in the fashion street. It gives a gentle appearance. Wear them with solid shirts and side bags. So these are some trending 2020 looks. The most important thing to remember while dressing is to make yourself feel comfortable and confident. And remember that your outfit goes well with the time and occasion.

These were some of the Men’s Fashion Trends To Keep For 2020.