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How To Deep Fry Chicken?

Chicken is the food which is mostly stale food and is included in the balanced diet of most people. People love to eat it as it is very tasty and is very beneficial for health. It has numerous benefits such as rarer proteins and many more which makes our body healthy. Also, it has numerous benefits as it helps in brain functioning and is easy to digest, strengthens muscles and bones, and even promotes heart health which makes human health. It even aids in weight loss as its nutrient-rich and repair joints. Due to its numerous advantages body healthy, it is very much consumed by the people. But if it is cooked properly, it tastes bad. So here we’ve listed down some cooking tips on How to deep fry chicken.

Here are some of the cooking tips on How to deep fry chicken :

 Soak in buttermilk

People love the chicken crispy outside and juicy inside. So you must marinate it in buttermilk before you fry the chicken. This will make it more delicious as enzymes of buttermilk breakdown the protein in it and makes it easy to digest and extra tender.

Use good and right oil

It should be fried at the right temperature when the oil starts breaking down and smoke that makes the food tastier. The right oil chosen can make it more delicious and healthier. I think lard oil is the best but peanut oil or neutral-tasting canola oil can also be used.

Double dredge

This process will take time and effort also but it’s worth it. Before frying it you should dip the piece of it in an egg wash and then coat with flour and repeat this process twice. This will give your chicken a super thick and extra crispy coating but taste super delicious.

Keeping crispy

This is a process that will help in not getting the chicken soggy after frying it. So the thing you have to do is put the fried chicken in the oven holding it hot a 250 degree Fahrenheit. Sit it inside a quality baking sheet as it will be the best option to keep it crispy. But do remember after you have finished frying it, do not keep on a paper towel or let it cool, just put in the oven.

Do not do fancy coating

You all must have tried coating the chicken with various batters like beer batter or bread crumbs or cornflakes to make it crispier. But remember that the best way to make the chicken golden brown and crispy every time just coat it with plain old flour. This works the best.

Fry in hot oil

We all must have sometimes got oil logged or soggy chicken and felt bad as spoiled the mood. So to no to get this the fryer oil should not be cold and must be around 375 degrees Fahrenheit. And the flame should be a bit up as when you add chicken pieces into it, the oil gets cooler which may ruin the chicken and make it taste worse.

Deny crowding pan

This is one of the most common mistakes done by most people in saving time but did not realize that they are making it worse. When you add up many pieces at once in the pan, it drops the temperature of the oil. This lead oil getting cool which will end up with soggy or oil logged breading of chicken. Therefore it is good to fry multiple batches so as to make the chicken tasty, crispy, crunchy, and golden.

Don’t rush

You must take the time to brine the chicken overnight and have to be patient at the time of frying it. If you rush it will ruin the work you have done on it till now and make it taste worse. Remember to do the coating nicely so as it doesn’t get soggy or oil logged. This will make a good chicken.

These are some tips you must remember while deep frying chicken. This will give you a healthier, crispy, and crunchy chicken which most people like and love to have.

So these were some of the cooking tips on How to deep fry chicken . Enjoy!