18 Best budget travel destination of 2020

1.Sri Lanka:

There aren’t many countries when it comes to budget-friendly Destinations like Srilanka. Sri Lanka offers so many adventure activities to be had also like water sports, wildlife safaris, pristine beaches, and delectable Sri Lankan delicacies to be enjoyed. The cost of flight tickets around Rs10,000, and daily accommodation would cost you between Rs900 and Rs1300 per day, including meals, Sri Lanka probably the cheapest Travel destination one could go to.


One can experience the pleasant weather, beautiful parks, and scenic views of Malaysia, spending between Rs3500 to Rs5000 per day. Having a transportation pass can assist you to travel within the country at reduced rates. Indians also are eligible for a free 90-day tourist visa.


Aside from its many charming monasteries and mesmerizing Himalayan landscapes, Bhutan is understood for its pristine atmosphere. Bhutan is claimed to be the sole carbon-negative country within the world. And there are no Visa costs for Indians, while accommodation costs between Rs1500 and Rs3000 per night. Meals also are cheap, starting from Rs200 to Rs500, depending on where you eat.


The Central Asian country of Kazakhstan is closer to India than most people think. It’s nearly just about 1000 km. apart from the picturesque Tian Shen range, one can also visit the beautiful city of Aktau, Nomad’s Land an abandoned film set, and therefore the Shymbulak resort. It roughly costs about Rs4500 per day on vacation within the country. The months of May, June, and July are the simplest time to go to Kazakhstan.


Nepalis one of the places where you get the best Travelling experience while costing you the smallest amount while providing you with the simplest experience of soaring Himalayan peaks and lush green mountains and trekking within the mountains of Nepal may be a must-do, available at prices starting from Rs3,000 to Rs3,500. The four highest peaks on the planet namely Mt. Everest, Mt. Makalu, Mt. Lhotse, and many more to offer.


Vietnam is located in Southeast Asia, you’ll encounter numerous things during this gem of a rustic during a budget-friendly way. It has the most important cave in Asia, Halong Bay, religious places, and more. Vietnam has beautiful Marble mountains surrounded by lush green, it knows to be a paradise for street food lovers from traditional noodles too so many different varieties, and adding to this is the floating market a nice way to enjoy your day at the day. Kayaking is quite a common mode of transport in Vietnam.


The land of emerald rice fields, gypsies, graffiti walls, fuming volcanoes, bug-eyed tarsiers, frizzy water buffaloes, and in particular Happy-go-lucky faces. If you are a beach bum, the Philippines has 7000 tropical islands which will leave you breathless. And many this island offers so many activities to do such as Boracay and kiteboarding. Mountain biking and canyoneering also are gaining popularity.


Laos is filled with forest and mountains, biking around villages crammed with green forests, trekking on mountains with superabundant greenery, and exploring the riddled caves are all the activities that will entertain you without spending a penny. Renting a bicycle for the whole day will cost you around Rs120, and you’ll cycle around the hills and the side streets without any traffic.

9.United Arab Emirates:

UAE is that the tourist hub for India due to the affordability and therefore the amount of delight it provides to the visitors in terms of desert safaris and desert camping. two places that you simply can’t miss visiting are Dubai to possess a tour of the world’s tallest building Burj Khalifa and Abu Dhabi for the fantastic white marble domes and mosques.


Qatar is situated in Western Asia and surrounded by beaches. Qatar has many museums, religious places, and many high-quality restaurants to offer, one must visit the Qatar  Museum of Islamic Art which has the most important collection of Islamic history, to say the least. You’ll also cruise around the deserts and arrange camping and dune bashing for the never-ending thrill. do not forget to feature this to a load of experience of recent and ancient sites.


Taiwan is an island nation that’s densely populated. The crowded cities, Taiwan is that the place of mountains and lush green forests. Taiwan had a rich and vibrant culture, beautiful mountains with a tropical climate. People here predominantly follow Chinese culture, cuisines and most of the festivals are similar to Chinese such as, the Dragon boat, hungry ghost, Ching Ming, and the Mid-autumn Festival’s which the biggest of all.


Georgia is known as the heart of Eurasia because it located between Europe and Asia. due to this, it’s widely influenced by the various and really dynamic cultures of both continents. The country of Georgia houses diverse cities. Its capital city Tbilisi has much wonderful modern architecture and maze-like streets. The city of Vardzia boasts a sprawling cave monastery situated within the city. The country of Georgia is also placed famous for shooting movies.


Thailand is one of the most traveled destinations and the most budget-friendly even for many Indians. Thailand has a lot to offer, ranging from clubbing, diving into turquoise watered beaches, devouring on cheap street food, the chaotic markets where you’ll find anything that interests you, Thailand is famous for its many authentic spa’s and tourists friendly people, there are many more places that you must visit include Bangkok for its city parties, Koh smaiu, Pattaya and many more beautiful places.


Angkor Wat, the most important religious building alongside Siem Reap is one of the main attractions of the country. Cambodia offers a spread of experiences like the beaches of Sihanoukville, colonial towns, and endless rice fields of Mondulkiri. You can also cycle around the villages of Cambodia to possess a glance at the local life of this country and have a completely different quiet experience in terms of adventure and peace.


In the island country, you’ll find so many beaches like Batu Bolong and Tatawa islands. The wild side of this country, the Ubud monkey forest, may be a must-visit. Indonesia is one of the simplest international destinations for honeymooners for a romantic getaway and Bali features a number of romantic resort options


Myanmar never ceases to amaze travelers, unlike other lands that you’ve got heard of. The 4000 sacred stupas across the plains of Bagan will cause you to contemplate life. The Golden Rock on Mt. Kyaiktiyo which stands on the sting of a chasm, the pious monks, and therefore the wonder of Shwedagon Paya is the mesmerizing spot in Burma, Myanmar. aside from these, Myanmar allows you to experience the straightforward pleasures of life.


Egypt is one of those countries that ought to get on your international travel wishlist for a recreational holiday. Being the world’s oldest civilizations, it’s some great pyramids and a myriad of historical monuments. The good pyramid of Giza which is one of the seven wonders of the planet is worth visiting in Egypt.


If you are a history buff, Istanbul may be a delight. Also called ‘The land beneath the half-moon’ Cappadocia which has been formed after an eruption and has horse rides and air balloon rides. The Kabak Bay may be a sea surrounded by valleys with jaw-dropping views of the Mediterranean while the butterfly valley may be a must-visit.