Tips When Travelling to Belgium

Tips When Traveling To Belgium

In this article, we will discuss tips when traveling to Belgium. Well before you pack-your-bags and hit the roads, one must always the do’s and don’ts and the place you are traveling to like the language, the manner to talk, the best and cheap transport to choose from, good restaurants, and places you must visit before you return.

So down below are tips when traveling to Belgium :

1. Bicycles

Like most of the European countries, Belgium is also a Bicycle friendly country, here you’ll find people commuting in bicycle than anywhere in Europe, so if you ever visit Belgium to give it a try, going through its medieval narrow streets or the modern shopping streets in a Bicycle is truly something you’ll never regret, it’s a really fun experience.

2. Language

Belgium people speak many languages across the country, on one part you’ll find French-speaking people, on other hand you’ll find people speaking Dutch, so you better know which the city you are visiting prefers. It’s obvious you can’t learn even the basics of this language overnight, so do try and learn quite a few phrases if not possible just buy a pocket phrasebook, to help you around when visiting different parts of Belgium.

3. Beware of Pickpockets

The number one rule, when Travelling to am a foreign country is to always carry, only what is required of and save yourself from getting robbed by pickpockets. As the case in any major metropolitan city, pickpockets have always targeted the tourists, it is never easy to for you know would rob you, as it mostly happens in large crowded places, so always make sure you are aware of you surroundings and keep your personal belongings safe and secure. From the eyes of these pickpockets.

4. City Pass

In Belgium many cities have their own pass for tourist attractions, every pass has different options than the other, rather than going for one at a time, better buy one of these passes which comes with discounts, and covers most of the tourist attractions with a stipulated time and amount. Do make sure you check where the pass is allowed and when does it expire.

5. Waffles

When you are in Belgium then you must try the famous Belgium waffles know around the world. Especially in Brussels the local streets have many of the waffle shops but all of it may not be fresh, so make you try one at the railway station stand, one could always find fresh waffles as people traveling empty it in minutes. Belgium of course is also famous for its Belgium chocolates and Beer but be aware Belgium beers are double if not more strong than your everyday beer, so check before you order. You’ll find endless shops across the country, where you can enjoy any one of these.

6. In case of emergency

When you are traveling in a foreign country, you never know when or where you might face danger, so whom to call? Just dial 112 is the emergency helpline in Belgium and Europe. Dial 101 for police help, and fire brigade, dial 100 for a medical emergency. Most importantly make sure you always save emergency contacts on your phone, in case if someone needs to contact your guardian or parents.


Whenever you travel to foreign countries, one must always carry the required documents, amount of clothes needed, so that you don’t end up using the dirty ones or forced to by new ones, always plan ahead, keeping in mind of every possible scenario, that you might have to face if something goes wrong and always remember recheck your things before you leave any place.

So here are the tips when travelling to Belgium.