Best Places To Visit In Romania

Best Places To Visit In Romania

Romania is located on the Balkan Peninsula and is considered a country of contrasts. Romans (the Hungarians and the Ottomans)gave the country its name what it’s known today as. The former Eastern Bloc country, ruled by the Romans for years, is filled with quaint old towns and mountain resorts. They offer a great view and a burgeoning art community. In this article, we will discuss the best places to visit in Romania.

History lovers will love this place and will be amazed at the history. The country has some of the Medieval castles in Sighişoara. It is filled with historic buildings and Gothic-era, cobblestoned old quarters. One will find a charm in the medieval architecture as well as in the wild buildings of the Communist era.

Have a look at some of the best places to visit in Romania :

1. Cluj-Napoca

Cluj-Napoca is considered the unofficial capital of the region of Transylvania.  Also, it is home to the country’s largest university. The city was once under the Roman colonization. Arts and culture are famous here. It is a place where you’ll find a large Hungarian population. Also, it features a statue in honor of one of the Hungarian king. Built-in the 14th century, the Gothic St. Michael’s Church has the tallest church tower in the country. If you love art, make sure to visit ‘The National Museum of Art’. It is a former palace, converted into a place that contains a large collection of work by the Romanian artists.

2. Mamaia 

Located on the Black Sea, Mamaia is Romania’s most popular seaside resort. It is considered as a small resort as it is just 8 km (5 miles) long. It is situated on a strip of land. Mamaia has great white sand beaches, just made for sunning or people-watching. It has a water park too. But for the safety precautions, activities are limited for small children. However, adults can enjoy and can even take a few lessons at the wind-surfing academy.

3. Timisoara

Timisoara is located in western Romania. It is one of the country’s largest cities and has traces of the early 13th century. It was a part of the Ottoman Empire once. The first European city where electric street lamps were installed was Timisoara. The city has bounced back after sustaining heavy bombing damage from both sides during World War II. Also, the Timișoara Orthodox Cathedral is the main attraction. It is built in the 20th century. 11 towers are famous in this place. It contains many historic religious objects as well as some of the vintage icon paintings.

4. Bucharest 

Bucharest is a city that combines the old with the new. One can find the centuries-old building, a modern high rise, and a Communist-style building all in the same block. In fact, the Parliament building is famous here and is the largest in the world. It has 3,100 rooms and is 12 stories high. Also one can take a tour of this impressive building throughout the day.

5. Sinaia 

This place is originally a monastery that got converted to a mountain resort town. Sinaia was named after Mount Sinai. Also, it contains a copy of the first Bible that was printed in Romania. In fact today, it is a popular site among tourists. Also here one can enjoy hiking in the summer and downhill skiing in the winter.

6. Painted Monasteries

One of the most important and the most picturesque attractions among tourists that come to Romania is the Painted Monasteries. They are located in Bucovina in the north-eastern part of the country. Moreover, the best-preserved are the monasteries in Humor, Moldovita, Patrauti, Probiotic, Suceava, Sucevita, and Voronet.

So these were some Best Places To Visit In Romania.