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The Best Travel Hacks

Travel hacks! Yeah, we all look for the best travel hacks before we start a journey, obviously, everyone wants their journey to be as perfect as possible by collecting as much information as they can be you’re planning to travel soon or maybe after some time or as soon as this corona pandemic ends so here we present best travel hacks for your hassle-free journey so enjoy.

1. Turn on Private Browsing ( Incognito ) for cheaper flights

Generally, most of the sites record your visit by cookies which can cause the price you’re shown hike easily as you visited that site before so be careful next time.

2. Scan Your Passport / Tickets and upload it on Drive

Scanning your tickets or passport and uploading it on your drive will keep you safe as if you lost your passport or tickets you’ll have at least a soft copy of Them and by the original copy the embassy can easily issue another passport and at the maximum place at least in Trains, soft copy of tickets is legal. This is one of the best travel hacks which will help you while traveling.

3. Roll Your Clothes Instead of Folding Them

Rolling Clothes will take lesser room than the folded clothes will take so you’ll be carrying a lesser amount of luggage this is basic but for me, it’s the great travel hack.

4. Unpack What You Really Need

Unpacking everything as soon as you reach the destination will definitely create a mess and most important you’ll end up losing things or forgetting things at the destination.

5. Get Your Dryer Always With You

Dryer won’t only help you with drying your hairs it’ll help you to dry your clothes or if your phone’s speaker or mic catches water you can dry it with dryer and BOOM your phone is as it was before.

6. Confuse Pickpockets By Keeping a Fake Wallet

Yeah this works you can confuse by keeping a dummy wallet in your pocket and a dummy wallet means there will be a wallet but not the money in the wallet I guess a great travel hack it is 😛

7. Make Your Phone a Speaker

People throw paper cups and empty toilet roll or copy cover roll, just a slit in the cover roll of your phone speaker side, And fix for the phone there or suck easy task is to place your phone in pack cup and BOOM your same phone with a loud voice.

8. Bring a Portable Extension

If at your destination the plug is not near to your bed or at maximum Indian railway station their plug point is at some height and in train due to not proper voltage some phones misbehave so in all those situations your extension will be at your back.

9. Use Google Maps Offline

It’s quite obvious that you won’t get Wi-Fi all over the way you travel and maybe you’ll end up losing connectivity at some places so keeping your Maps Offline is the best Travel Hack.

10. Do Not Wear Heavy Clothing

Wearing heavy clothing will end up making you tired apart from you’re traveling to a hilly area or Antarctic wear as light cloth as you can.

11. Carry Novel To Read

I generally carry novels to read but if you’re a movie person then you can watch a movie instead of reading a novel and music is obviously an all-time partner while you travel sitting on window seat earphone plugged in with your favorite I guess the best travel hack.

12. Power Banks

Power banks are just as you don’t know when and where you’ll find the plug point in your journey. Just in case if you run out of charging then power banks are a must to keep.

13. Keep Two Phone Number One for Work And Other For Private

Keeping two phone numbers is good as you can turn off work number at some moments while journeying

14. After Travel Transfer Your Pictures to Google photos

Keeping your photos on google photos is the best after travel hack as you won’t lose your pictures and obviously memories even after years. Even if you keep pictures on a laptop there are chances of losing those pictures.

15. Always Carry your Own liquid Hand Wash

Carrying your own liquid hand wash as if you go to the washroom in India railways. There are so few chances of getting a hand wash so keeping your hand wash with you is a decent travel hack.

16. Use Public Transport

Using Public Transport will help you check out the Beauty of the city and exploring new places which are not mentioned anywhere but are beautiful like some unique building some malls with good architecture and obviously cost lesser than the UBER OLA and yes the local taxis.

17. Bring Slippers with You for Sure

Slippers are a must as you can’t wear shoes every time. So Slippers are the must whenever you travel and where ever you travel it’s the obvious travel hack.

18. Plan A to Z Before leaving the home

If you fail to plan then you fail to enjoy, in the whole journey, you’ll be tensed that what’s next finding hotels finding next transportation so before you leave plan the whole journey and traveling, from the home to the home.

19. Don’t Keep Whole Cash At the Same Place

If you keep the whole cash in the bag or in the pocket then if you lose the bag or your pocket you’ll end up losing your cash at once. But if you keep that cash at different places then you’ll never run out of cash whether if you lose your bag or your wallet got stolen you’ll have some amount of cash with you.

20. Must Bring Packed Food with you

Keeping packed food with you will help you while traveling like sitting on the window seat. Eating something while earphone plucked in I guess best feeling ever and you’ll enjoy that as well for sure 😛

21. Give Your Change to Homeless And Meet new People

Giving your change to the homeless and meeting new people will definitely make you feel better. Meeting new people will help you getting knowledge about that place and yes will be a lifetime memory.