Staying Home & Decorating Ideas

Staying Home And Decorating Ideas

The Pandemic has surely put a full stop to this fast-moving world and made us all homebound. The year 2020 began with us being confined to our couches, literally with the people whose gym resolutions and diet plans were ruined even without their trying. We are all working from home these days small work or large work, homework or office work, home is everything. Like told in our mythologies, home is our temple keep it clean! Therefore to help you in this pandemic situation here are some Staying home and decorating ideas.

What are you waiting for then? Get those ideas growing and it is time to redefine your home.

Here are few ideas that could help you to make it worth living in your home.

Declutter! Declutter! And Declutter!!!!

Make three piles one to sell, donate, and keep. Sort out everything lying around into these piles and get rid of all those years of unwanted junk you were too lazy to throw out. The things you wish to keep, arrange them accordingly. Do not leave any corner unattended. It is also a kind of a work out to get rid of that 2019 calories and all those home cooking your mom and sister have been hoarding you with.


It is time to rethink your sofa is facing the right way and your mat of it was angled in the right way. Also, change your center of focus. Fill the hall with all those artwork you ha e been hoarding from all those trips which you were too lazy to open and decorate after returning.

Bed room decor

For those who wanted those fairy lights and Polaroids, now is the time to do arrange your clothes the same way in three piles and keep only necessary ones. Those bathroom slippers lying around in a corner get them out and about. If you have a study table, arrange it in a way that you look intellectual. Rearrange your vanity and get rid of that 19th-century makeup and products to make way for new ones.


For those who have shelves, stuff them with all those books lying around the home or some art pieces or stones. Do not leave any rack empty. You could also fill them with bonsai plants or crafts from school.

Kitchen decor

Pandemic has made every person a chef. A chef needs all their cookery accessible. Keep all your spices and everyday essentials on the kitchen slab. Veggies sorted or bagged in different pouches and in the drawers of the fridge. Sauces and dressings stacked and east to be accessed. Keep that coffee handy for some Algona coffee, cake batters for all upcoming birthdays, and milk for a cup of hot chocolate.


You could refer to Pinterest,  Instagram,  YouTube,  magazines, articles, and get all your references for the decor.


It would not be a wise thing to do in India as due to dirt the carpet tends to get really messed up and cleaning it is a hell of a problem. You could try it now as not many guests are visiting due to the pandemic and give it a shot.

Work space

As all are working from home or attending schools or colleges, the work table and chair need to be clean. A clean surface helps you concentrate and also prevents you from an online embarrassment during a video call.

Decorating your home is not an easy task. Take your time, refer, and come to an informed decision.

If you are not into decorating at all and still want to refurbish, consult a decorator online. There are many agencies who take up these tasks to help you.

These were some mind-blowing Staying home and decorating ideas. Good luck decorating.