Tips For Vacation Outfits

As kids, we have longed for summers. When teens, we have longed for the end of semesters. As adults, we long for paid leave. All this excitement and planning is for that peace of mind we call a “Vacation” be its summer vacation for kids, end of semester vacation for college students or yearly family trips in between job. So here are some tips for vacation outfits.

Be it a trip with family or friends, outfits are the most aspect while packing.

There are few who hoard one month clothes for a 4 days trip and few who take 3 outfits for 15-day trip.

Being specific is necessary but not to the point. Everyone needs a few tricks up their sleeves in order to pack smartly.

Here are a few ideas or tricks to help you with vacation outfits,

General advise : –

  • Carry a hoodie handy, for traveling. You never know when the airport might decide to blast their air conditioning or a road trip might start to freeze your soul at night.
  • Keep a pair of a slip-on. We always neglect these but, you never know when you go for a short walk in your hotel or room or outside and might need these.
  • Keep a few mints or protein bars especially for vegetarians. There might be a hypoglycemia crisis or a non-vegetarian area, especially in a foreign country.
  • Keep a pair of shades handy which are UV protected to help you beat those night blues and rock any outfit.

For summer vacations : –

  • Carry a beautiful bright dress with a scarf to tie on the wrist or near the neck.
  • Floral or striped shorts with a bow as a belt to go with a crop top and some sneakers.
  • Tube tops and skater skirts with mules for all girls who are not scared to show some skin.
  • Khaki pants with simple tees for those tomboys or trekking trips.
  • Cargo pants with a pair of sneakers and a plain tee
  • Graphic tee and shorts for boys
  • White or any light color shorts with an exotic print shirt for men
  • Tank tops with shorts for both boys and girls
  • Swimsuit or a bikini with a stronger short for those who plan to hit the beach.
  • Carry a black or brown hat which goes on all outfits to help you beat the heat and look fabulous.

For winter vacations:-

  • Always have a minimum of a trench coat for normal to little cold temperatures.
  • Beanie or mufflers to pair with layers and layers of beautiful pullovers.
  • Wool leggings with a dress topped with coats.
  • Knee-high boots with skirt and tee topped with winter coats and gloves and a beanie.
  • If you plan to add shimmer to your outfit, add via accessories or the outfit but never both.
  • Turtle neck top with a pair of pants for both men and women topped with a pullover.
  • Cape coats to show some top from sides.
  • Cozy loungewear or an onesie for those midnight pictures.
  • Joggers to wear on printed or embroidered sweatshirts with a pair of gloves and cozy socks.

Other tips : –

  • Use slightly bags for layered clothes or with skirts and bag packs with pants and tee or dresses. For the beach, carry a tote.
  • Never carry too high a heel for a vacation unless you plan to go for a party or a formal dinner.
  • Sneakers that go with most of the outfits would be smart footwear to carry as too many footwear would spoil the essence and provide difficulty in walking.

Follow a few YouTube channels or blogs about the place where you are visiting and get some ideas from there about how to pack for outfits.

Always be picture ready, which means dress your best and look comfortable. Candid pictures are the best when they are not faked, all you need to do is have fun and the moment if captured.

These were a few tips for vacation outfits.