Basic Summer Outfits For Office

Summer fashion is a brain- wrecker. Dressing up casual and comfortable is one of the most basic summer outfits choices during summer. Avoiding that heat burn, sweat, build is another task.

How much we miss those summer holidays in school when we wore home clothes or hand me downs which in a way were the best piece of clothes ever?

When it comes to office going population, they need to choose an outfit which can beat the heat outside as well as the air conditioning in the office which is in full blast mode.

Choosing a breathable fabric is the necessity of the hour. Spending those long hours in the office and yet looking as fresh as a daisy could not be achieved during summers if any look is overdone. See below what are the basic summer outfits for office going boys and girls.

7 outfits for office going girl

Basics, when styled the right way can bring out the fashion hungry office diva in every girl .

Few of the outfit ideas are:

1. Shirt dress

Any shade of white or off white, any light colour shirt dress paired with a peppy belt and mules. This style shows breezy fashion and also shirt sleeves portray office. This could be styled with a chic pair of shades and a satchel bag or a tote.

2. Ankle length culottes+ blazers

Pair a mild shade culotte with a tank top over it. Wear a woven statement blazer and complete the look. Stilettos or pumps with a huge handbag or a suitcase handbag. The woven blazer allows air exchange and also adds up to the style. Also, it is protective in the air conditioning.

3. Silk garments

Pair a silk skirt with a silk blouse or a silk dress with a pullover blazer. Silk gives a satin-like finish to all those who love soft glossy cloth. As silk is breathable, there is no suffocation that might have been there due to other satin cloths. Flip on heels with a belt and shades will complete the look.

4. Midi skirt with an embroidery blouse

Pair a bright midi skirt with a simple embroidery blouse. The skirt could be checked, floral(goes best), printed, sheer and a simple or plain embroidery bear the neck and sleeves will add to the cheerfulness of the outfit. Could be paired with mules and a plain handbag with a cute charm.

5. White denims + statement sleeves

Pair a high waisted white denim with a bold colour blouse with balloon sleeves, butterfly sleeves, bohemian sleeves, wavy sleeves. The statement sleeves add a pop to the outfit and also a pair of casual sneakers or flats.

6. Cotton kurti + leggings

For all those desi girls out there, style a pure cotton Kurti with a colourful legging. Add a pair of silver earrings or a nice delicate watch and a sling bag with jhutis or flats with tassels. Also, a stole addition is optional to style the look further.

7. Pastels

Be it a pair of trousers or a skirt, no simple outfit during summers should be boring. Pick out those pastels and mix and match blue, pink, green, yellow, every style and colour. No pastels will ever give out too bold vibes, so you could get creative. Finish the look with a simple pastel coloured woven blazer and white heels (goes best with pastels) and a peppy bag.

Summer outfits are in their own way a challenge to every girl’s fashion sense, but a little cheating from blogs or videos is allowed *wink! Wink!*

7 Outfits for office going boys

Basics, for boys need to be casual yet have a formal hint.

1. Polo tees + trousers

Pair plain polo tees with checked or stripped trousers and set that business vibe around you.

2. Shirt+ pants

A plain half sleeves shirt with light-coloured paint would be the safest option for people who want to switch from a suit or tuxedo. Pair it with a belt and leather boots.

3. Blazer

Pair a plain tee with chinos or trousers and complete the look with a casual knit blazer. This is suited for all those presentations or meetings and shows your commitment to work with your style to maintain blazer in your look.

4. Suits

Thanks to Zara silk, suits have a new definition. Slip into a cotton or silk suit and show who is the boss.

5. Khaki pants + shirt

This would be the one of the most comfortable outfits for summer as it is made for summer fashion.

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6. Plain tees + pants or jeggings

Pair a loose plain tee with pants or jeggings and steal the day by showing off how casual you look. This is one of the most basic summer outfits for office going girls.

7. Jeans + tee

This outfit idea is for those offices where the dress code includes jeans. Slip into your most comfortable jeans and a plain soft cotton tee. ( TIP: just to show that you are an office buff, pair it with a blazer) . This could be a good choice if you plan on going for drinks or a casual dinner after work.

Always remember simple is the best and casual is comfortable especially when the sun is at play.

Beat the heat during summer with all these ideas and walk every day in office as if it were your lucky day.