Sikar News Gangster Raju Theth Shot Dead

SIKAR NEWS : Gangster Raju Theth shot dead

Gangster Raju Theth Update: After Raju Theth was killed, the criminals used a Creta car


Sikar, Rajasthan Gangwar Update:

Gangster Raju Thehat‘s murder horrifies Sikar. Sikar was in tense stillness, then early on Saturday morning, there was shooting. Teja Sena has requested a bandh and blocked the city’s markets in retaliation for Raju Thehat‘s death. At Srikalyan Hospital, there is a sizable throng. There are several police units on the ground to handle any emergency. The death of Raju Thehat in his home was carefully planned and carried out by the assailants. They carried out the murder within minutes and then escaped; authorities have not yet managed to apprehend them. The CCTV Cameras positioned there recorded the entire episode.

After shooting mobster Raju Theth, the miscreants used a Creta car, but the licence plate was a fake. Abdul Hakeem had RJ45CH1786 registered in his name with the RTO, but Abdul Hakeem gave his automobile to someone else to sell on the market. Near Sanganer Pulia, at SR Auto World Automobile Market, this car was given away. Investigation into the subject revealed that the Creta vehicle is exclusive to the auto industry. When they arrived to the car market, the police from Malpura Gate grabbed the vehicle. This murder occurred, according to the source, about ten in the morning. Raju was home at that moment on Thehat Piprali Road. A tractor-trolley stopped outside his home to pick up rubbish at approximately 10 in the morning. Raju Thehat was at that moment standing close to his home’s front entrance. There are several schools and coaching facilities in this area. As usual, there were many of people and students there. Four armed intruders were there in a matter of seconds.

Raju continued to shout as the attackers continued to fire.

As soon as the assailants arrived, they began shooting at Raju Thehat who was manning the gate. As soon as the bullets struck, Raju collapsed while screaming. However, the attackers continued to fire at him while keeping their hands on the pistol’s trigger. After saving his life, another individual saw the situation and ran for protection behind a tractor-trolley.

गैंगस्टर राजू थेठ

Raju Theth, who had several criminal cases against him since he entered into the world of crime in 1995 was presently on bail for the past three months. He was seen as a rival of dreaded criminal Anandpal Singh, who was killed in a police encounter in June 2017.
According to the police, at least five attackers entered Theth’s home on Piprali Road, which is in the Udyog Nagar Police Station District, and started firing. Raju Theth fell and was taken to the hospital, where he passed away from his wounds, according to Kunwar Rastradeep, Sikar’s superintendent of police. In order to begin barricading in and around Sikar, senior police officials hurried to the scene. Officers said that they made an attempt to find the suspects. He said, “We have also informed the neighbourhood district Jhunjhunu, which is closest to the Haryana border, on the progress of the attackers.

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