International Flyers: New flyer rules issued | fight against Omicron

The Indian government issued some new rules for international flyers which will be in practice from today to amid Omicron. The travel guidelines are effective from today that is December 1, 2021.

To fight against the new covid variant ‘Omicron’ the government has released some sets of rules for the flyers who will land in India from other countries. The rules announced after a high-level meeting that concerned public health preparedness. Along with states and union territories of India.

Travellers Guidelines :

Following are some guidelines travelers much be aware of:

  • All the international flyers should upload a negative COVID19 RT-PCR report. This test conducted within 72 hours before then the undertaking of the journey.
  • Airlines will allow only those passengers who have filled in the self-declaration form on Air Suvidha Portal. Have uploaded their negative Covid-19 RT- PCR report.
  • Airlines need to inform the passengers originating or are traveling from high-risk counties of Omicron undergoing post-arrival testing. Moreover quarantine if tested negative and stringent isolation if tested positive.
  • According to an updated list, countries designated as” at-risk” are European countries such as Brazil, Singapore, Israel, Hong Kong, New Zealand, China, the UK, South Africa, and Mauritius.
  • Such passengers who are traveling from “at-risk” countries should also undergo RT-PCR tests post-arrival. Moreover have to wait for the results before taking the connecting flights or before moving ahead in the country.I
  • If the passengers tested negative then they have to follow home quarantine for a week and on the 8th day. They will undergo a re-test, and further if tested negative will have to monitor their health for the next 7 days.
  • Moreover, if the passengers tested positive then their sample will sent for genomic testing at the INSACOG laboratory network. In this case, they shall managed by different isolation facilities.
  • The contacts of such positive cases will kept either in an institutional quarantine center or they will follow home quarantine for 14 days and have to strictly monitor their health
  • All the passengers need to self-monitor their health for 14 days period as this precaution is necessary for them and their family members too.

Omicron: new covid variant

The first case of omicron found in South Africa. On 26 November 2021 WHO has designated the omicron as the variant of concern. It is not yet confirmed whether omicron is more transmittable than other variants and delta or not.

The researchers of South Africa and other countries are conducting a better study on this variant to know more about it and understand its aspects. It is also not yet confirmed whether omicron is severe as compared to other viruses. WHO is working with its partners to understand the impact of Omicron.

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