PM Modi withdraws Three Farm Laws, LIVE Updates

Farm Laws
Farm Laws

Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Friday decided to withdraw Three Contentious Farm Laws. How long will it create an impact? Why did the government decide to do so all of sudden? How long the farmers will be benefited. To know more go through the complete article.

Farmers from Haryana and Punjab were protesting against these laws at the borders of Delhi since last year November 26. Finally, they will be returning to their homes after a long duration of time.

Sudden Announcement :

After the sudden announcement made by Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Now the big question is that will it actually benefit the farmers in the right way. Thousands of Farmers involved in this protest dozens died due to heat, cold, and Covid.

Farmers said that laws will allow private industries and companies to interrupt their farming which will hurt their income. They might get disturbed mentally and physically. Therefore sudden announcement left the farmers shocked as Government had not taken any initiative to talk to farmers in recent months.

Even Though the Modi government was not keen interested to take any initiative against these farms laws. Farms Union is seeing this there’s a huge victory. But experts say that upcoming elections in Punjab and Uttar Pradesh both have a huge base of farmers which may have forced them to take the decision.

The announcement was made on a fine day as it was Sikh day. As Punjab, the community was celebrating the birth anniversary of Guru Nanak, the founder of Sikhism. In the announcement, Modi said that farm laws meant to strengthen the small farmers.

Government Involvement :

Despite many efforts made by the government to stop the protest which was affecting the public finally decided to withdraw the laws On the occasion of Guru Purab. But how much will it take to implement those words said by the government? How long the farmers will benefit from this announcement.

Next section we will know what was the reaction of farmers how they reacted to it. Go through the complete section.

What has the reaction been?

Farmers in Haryana and Punjab consider it there’s biggest victory which equalizes freedom. they are celebrating after the declaration, Raising flags of victory and distributing sweets. But the fight is not over yet.

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