Pitch Deck: Need to know Everything, Problems Faced

Everyone starts their own business and want it to grow more and more and earn money. So, if you are thinking of raising money in your business then pitch deck is the key component in fundraising toolkit.

A great pitch deck attracts the investor towards your ideas and engages. In a conversation with your business and hopefully invests in it too. In this article I am going to tell you how to make an impressive pitch deck. What could be the necessary things to be included in your pitch deck.

 I have seen many pitch decks and presentation styles and found that they all revolve around a same formula. So, let’s start from very beginning that is What actually pitch deck is?

What is Pitch Deck?

Pitch Deck is also known as slide deck or start-up deck. It is a presentation that provide brief over view on your business. It includes following main points: –

  • Business plan
  • Your service
  • Product
  • Funding needs
  • High level financial projections

It is basically a visual document that tells the story of your business in a brief manner.

Purpose of Pitch Desk :

We discussed above that it is used to raise money but actually this is not right its main aim is to get to a new meeting.

Keep in mind that you pitch deck and presentation will be the first step through which the investors go through before investing in your business. Pitch deck will show them the brief story of about business and learn about your company before going ahead.

Pitch deck will help you to spark interest in the investors mind to attract them towards your business.

Necessary Parts of Pitch Desk :

Here the question arises what we need to include in our pitch deck to make it attract the investors towards our company? So here are the basic as well as necessary things that need to be included in our pitch deck.

1. Vision and value proposition- This is a one-line sentence which is generally overview of the company. Better to keep it simple and short. Keep 140 characters or less so that it will be easy for the investors to understand more clearly without mixing up with so many words in the pitch deck. 

2. The problem- Make this slide as a problem-solving slide and mention who all have the problems and how you can solve it in a better way. Define the problem in a simple way and make sure that it does not take a long time.

3. Target Market and Opportunity- In this slide mention who is your customer and how many they are, include the market size and your position in the market. This slide must have scope and scale of your problem you are solving.Be careful with this slide as you are trying to show your position in the market and define your market as large as possible.

4. The Solution- Finally in this slide- Finally in this slide you will get the chance to show your product and service and explain how this will solve the problem.

5. Revenue model or business model- Describe your product and service and talk about how it makes money. Every thing about what do you charge and who pays the bills?

Things to keep in Mind :

1. Traction and Roadmap- Talk about how your product sales is in today’s time and what you will do to grow your sales. You can use this slide to talk about your milestone. If you have proof of your validation must include in this slide so that investors can have more clear view of your business. 

2. Market and Sales Strategy- In this slide you will mention about how you will gain the attraction of customer towards your product and service. Use the slide to showcase your sales and marketing plans. If your services are different from other competitors, you must highlight it in this slide.

3. Team- Talk about why you and your team is right to build and grow the company. Tell them about your experiences and what you and your team did to make the company successful in previous days.

4. Financials- Investors will see your financial status before investing into your company. All your profits and losses with income statements will be taken into consideration before joining hands with your company. So, you have to give a brief assumption of you sales goal in this slide only.

5. Competition- Every business has competition in one    form or another. Describe how you fit into the competitive landscape how you are different from other competitors. Tell your secret way that will help you to grow your business.

6. Investment and Use of Funds- It’s time to ask for money from the investors and tell them how you are going to use this fund to grow your service or grow the sales of product. Describe how you are planning to us this money.

Problems Faced :

There are several problems occur while creative an attractive pitch deck. Following are some of the problems caused during formation of pitch deck.

  1. It is time consuming.·     
  2. Sometimes founders don’t have enough content to add in our pitch deck.·     
  3. Founders does not have enough creative ideas for creating pitch deck·
  4. Sometimes founders do not have relevant skills for the job.
  5. Founders does not know how to present their presentation.
  6. Founders does not know how to make their content sound interesting.

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