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Perks of being vegetarian

Is being vegetarian enough for the body?  Do I get enough proteins? Vegetarianism could do wonders for you, your body, and the environment would Thank You for it. Vegetarianism is highly underrated due to some common beliefs. Such as only meat could supplement the nutrients the body needs. However it is not true, instead, vegetarianism could open to you ways to grow healthier and contribute to the environment. Here are a few incredible reasons that will help you know the “ Perks of being vegetarian ?”

Here are some of the perks of being vegetarian :

1. Animal Rights

This is one popular reason why the youth is turning towards vegetarianism and veganism. Almost all are aware of the inhumane activities that are conducted in slaughterhouses. Animals are slaughtered and kept in nonviable conditions. And at times face slow and painful death due to these. Activists are promoting vegetarianism as the animals go through emotions such as fear and pain. And are made to endure it all for our selfish means.

Animals are crammed into factories, poultries, and small spaces for production. Long gone are the days when they would roam around on a farm and graze. Farm animals are not protected under the law and hence are brought up and slaughtered carelessly.

2. Live Longer

Studies state that vegetarian’s beat mortality better than non-vegetarians

Omnivores live up to seven years longer and vegans up to 15 years longer on average. A diet that avoids the four-legged beings also avoids a large number of diseases that you could attract by choosing a meat-inclusive diet. Also reduces down the fats and chemicals that are put into account while consuming meat. And one such change regularly could assist to a longer life.

 So, why not “Save a life to add up to your life”.

3. Lower your Cholesterol

Heart Attacks are rampant and are increasing day by day with the stress full life of the 21st Century. World Wide thousands of people die of cardiovascular diseases each year and Cholesterol levels can be blamed for it. Vegetarian diets not only lower your cholesterol levels but also aid the consumption of helpful nutrients.

When the meat is consumed, additional fats and cholesterol are consumed along with it. This blocks the arteries and degrades the system. Going vegetarian is one of the best ways to halt the progression of cardiovascular diseases. A vegetable diet provides you with antioxidants and nutrients that aid a healthy system. Proteins attained from meat are not always do good to you. Better quality and amounts of proteins are found in a tablespoon of tofu or soybean.

4. Stronger Bones

Myths such as lack of calcium in vegetarians need to be busted as vegetables. Mainly leafy and green vegetables are extremely good sources of calcium.

 Excessive consumption of proteins through meat leads to the pull of calcium from bones making them brittle and weaker. Instead of depending on animal-based foods such as dairy for calcium. Also advised to consume leafy and green vegetables such as Broccoli and Legumes for a good source of calcium

The bone loss of an average meat-eating person is double what a vegetarian person experiences. It is also true that vegetarians happen to be less affected by Osteoporosis an ailment that causes weak and brittle bone conditions.

5. Add Color And Taste To Your Plate

Veggies come in a variety of colors and the disease-fighting phytochemicals in veggies are responsible for these beautiful hues. Your plate not only is filled with a rainbow of a meal. But also aids in fighting against ailments.

Eating by the colors on a plate ensures you the right mixture of nutrients and immunity boosters. Cooking with vegetables ensures you a palette of textures and tastes altogether. It is but a culinary experience to cook with these and it’s never a dull day with veggies!

6. Beat Obesity

Going vegetarian means saying no to unnecessary fat consumption through the meat. Vegetarian diets give you the exact boost of energy you need, it increases metabolism resulting in an easier and greater breakdown of muscle fats. Greens provide you with proteins that have a lower level of fats and calories. By cutting down meat from a diet completely you can lower your risk of obesity by 43 percent, A meatless diet ensures a greater metabolism, reduction of muscle fat, and an energy fuel in your bloodstream. Veg diets often result in weight loss. A swap from meat to veggies could fit you back into an old pair of jeans.

7. Glowing Skin

Yes, you read it right! Veggies and greens could give the extra glow!

Studies and experiments state that people who consume good proportions of vegetables and fruits have an increase in skin tones. It gives the added Golden Glow to your skin.

 A small extra serving of veggies could give the goddess a golden glow within 2 months.  Next time you are grocery shopping make sure you buy some additional glow!

8. Emotional Health

Emotional/Mental Health is an important factor in terms of professional and Personal Stability.  Achieving it is easy with a Vegetarian Diet. Consuming vegetables adds up to the mood-boosting qualities of a meal.

Spiritual beliefs state that the pain and emotion of fear that an animal faces before slaughter are capsulated in their cells. And further transferred into our bodies when consumed add to a spiritual instability.

Vegetarians have high levels of arachidonic acids related to depression. Turning omnivores could be your first cheap therapy session. So this is one of the perks of being vegetarian.

9. Benefit the Pocket

It is no hidden fact that meat costs a lot more than a basket of veggies. Meat costs almost more than double the price of vegetables. And on average millions are sent on meat in a year.  One could save up to 4000$ a year.

Swapping to veggies and fruits won’t just save you a dime but also a few years of a lifetime. Turning vegetarian is not just a trend with celebrities opting for it. It is more of a lifestyle choice that could immensely benefit your health. You not only aid your mental, physical, and spiritual growth but also save animals from being slaughtered.

So these were some of the Perks of being vegetarian .