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30 Dishes From Italy

Italy is famous for its great gastronomic tradition. It has regional recipes that often vary from one town to another. Here we have listed the most delicious 30 dishes from Italy.

So, here are the most amazing and mouth-watering 30 dishes from Italy :

1. Frittata

Eggs are an essential ingredient in the preparation of many Italian dishes so far. In fact, their versatility comes from this dish, the Frittata.

 It is the combination of cheese and vegetables.

2. Fried Egg

It’s is either an omelet or a fried egg. There is no in-between. Fried eggs can also be served with different ingredients. That may vary from one season to another.

3. Pizza

Pizza is one of the most widely popular symbols of “Made in Italy”. Just anything and everything can be used to make it.

4. Vitello Tonnato

It is a cold appetizer. It was also pretty popular in the early Eighties and nineties.

5.Parmigiana di Melanzane

Prepared with fried or grilled aubergines and mostly steamed. It is a delight for each one including vegetarians.

6. Arancini

Arancine or arancini is a brewing hot debate topic. It is a ball of stuffed rice.

7. Mussels

These are a very tasty shellfish dish that are typically Neapolitan.

8. Spaghetti al pomodoro

It involves the preparation of some absolutely lip smacking sauce and yummy pasta.

9. Pasta and Beans

Absolutely thick, dense and tasty, pasta and beans are an essential winter dish.

10. Risotto alla milanese

This dish has originated in the city of Milan. Well known as the saffron-scented Milanese-style risotto that has been adapted as a classic dish in Italian cuisine.

11. Minestrone

There are several versions of this vegetable soup. Anyone and everyone can prepare it. The most famous version of this dish is the Tuscan ribollita, which is cooked using black cabbage.

12. Lasagne

Greens, with spinach or pesto, white with vegetables, with fish or traditional – the classic Bolognese lasagna with ragù: however, the main ingredients are another great symbol of Italian style at the table.

13. Tagliatelle al ragu

The most classic version of this tasty dish is usually prepared with egg pasta, alongside ragù made from a combination of beef and pork.

15. Garlic Pasta

This is one of the simplest dishes of all time. It is known to be a survival dish , also it is a simple meal solution that can be cooked at any time by anybody.

16. Gnocchi

In its classic version, this pasta is made with a potato dough. meat, fish, and other ingredients can be used for adding variety.

17. Carbonara

The carbonara consists of loads and loads of eggs, guanciale, pepper, and pecorino. The difficulty in its preparation arises due to being able to keep the egg creamy!

18. Cotoletta alla milanese

This is a type of cutlet. It is a  well-appreciated specialty. It contains lots of butter and needs to be well attached to the meat.

19. Meatballs

Meatballs are a must in all the Italian families. Meat ball are available in many variations. That also gives an option to the vegetarians.

20. Spezzatino

This is a great classic of the winter season. It can be served with tomato sauce, chili sauce, potatoes, or peas.

21. Frittura

In every single region in Italy, you will find at least one version of the fritto. There is the fish version, the frying paranza or frying calamari version, the meat version, and much more. 

22. Scaloppine

The scallops can be cooked in a variety of ways ranging from mushrooms to pizzaiola.

23. Baccala, cod, stockfish

Presented in cream, in soup, or as the main course. The name changes cod, cod or stockfish, based on the type of seasoning or drying.

24. Ossobuco

The Ossobuco is prepared from beef , it has a long cooking time , it is usually served with diced vegetables.

25. Budino

Budino is a pudding. The most popular flavors of this yummy dessert are the chocolate and vanilla.

26. Tiramisu

It is one of the most famous and well-renowned desserts in the world. In fact, it has been the subject of creative interpretations by various pastry chefs across the world.

27. Panna Cotta

Panna Cotta , also believed to be a dessert brought by the Piedmontese restaurant Guido da Costigliole.

28. Fritelle

Fritelle is synonymous with the home for several Italians. Also, it might differ from one family to another. The ingredients vary, and so does the taste! 


The zabaglione , prepared with egg yolks, sugar and some liqueur wine. It is a must try dessert.


The most classic, simple, and versatile, apple pie can be prepared in many ways and is a delightful treat!

So, these were the best 30 dishes from Italy.