Is india a good travel destination

Is India a Good Travel Destination?

Yes! Indeed, India is a unique travel destination that has gained popularity among all travelers. Some reasons why you should visit India once in a lifetime.

1.India is a Huge Country

India is a vast country. Much of it, is rural but there are incredible sights to be seen and discovered. To the north, there are the vast Himalayas, to the south, incredible beaches, and to the west, dry deserts. And to the east, ​tribal territory.

In India, you can find all types of attractions, one of them is nature. For nature lovers, India is the best place. Here nature will make you feel alive once again and rest in a pleasant atmosphere. Different waterfalls, lakes, hill stations, etc are the main attractions to visit.

In India, you can find many lakes with beautiful parks. It is an apt place for photographers, bird lovers, and nature seekers.

Hill stations in India are famous for their pleasant and blissful environment. That’s why India is considered to be a heaven for nature and tourism. This reason makes India a unique travel destination.

Famous Natural spots: Mount Abu Hill station, Pichola Lake in Udaipur, Dal Lake in Jammu and Kashmir, Nubra valley in Ladakh. Also different falls in Kerala.

2. India is a Great Value Destination

In India, you can travel as cheaply or as lavishly as you want due to the variety of options present. So this is definitely a part that appeals to travelers. The luxury segment offers some mesmerizing accommodations, such as ​authentic palace hotels. These days, even the backpacker hostels are modern, clean, and welcoming!

3. Indian Hospitality

India is well known for its saying, “Athithi Devo Bhava”, which means “the guest is God”. Indians consider it a huge honor to have guests in their homes. There’s nothing like Indian hospitality around the world.

4. Your Perspective Will Be Broadened

India is a place that everyone should visit once in their lives to get out of their comfort zones. This place will give you a different perspective on life. You’ll quickly appreciate what you have got while returning home. It’s impossible to leave India as the same person as when you arrived. It will definitely change you. That’s why India is a unique travel destination.

5. Explore Spirituality

As we all know, India is a spiritual country. In India, a large number of temples and ashrams are present. Many travelers visit these places for a pleasant and peaceful environment. These places are packed with spiritual programs like Yoga, workouts, meditation training, etc.

Yoga can be taught in a peaceful and tranquil environment by means of ashrams. Different ashrams will not only teach you Yoga but they can also turn you as a Yoga teacher.

Famous spiritual centers: Golden temple in Amritsar, Dharmasala, and Manali in Himachal Pradesh. Parmarth Niketan in Rishikesh.

6. History and Architecture

India is famous for its historical monuments and the architectural skill involved. For history seekers and lovers, India is an apt place to visit as one can find different historical monuments. Each historical monument has a great history and its specific identity and importance. The royalty of Indian kingdoms can be seen in these historical monuments.

7. The Food

Delicious food is also an reason for which India is popular. One can enjoy various delicious food of India in streets and restaurants.

Where ever you will visit in India, the food will be different and most importantly it will never disappoint you. Many travelers like to taste Indian hot and spicy food.

8. Land of Arts and Cultures

India is well-known as the ‘land of arts and cultures. Many travelers from all over the world come to India for seeking this culture of India. In India, art and cultures represent our ancestral cultures and our beauty. Every place in India is famous for its different art and culture.

During festivals, you can experience Indian art and culture at a different level. Reflection of the Indian culture will be more at the time of Indian Festivals.

Famous spots for arts and cultures:  Karnataka, Chennai etc.

9. Shopping

The next important attraction in India is shopping. There are many shopping complexes in India. The things available in India are different and attractive. So many travelers like shopping in India because of the major attractions like artifacts, handicrafts, souvenirs, handlooms, clothes, etc. Almost everyone who visits India never forgets to do shopping.


Now concluding, this list can go as long as we want because India is indeed an amazing place to visit. From different food, cultures, places to a variety of shopping things, India will never leave a chance to amaze you and challenge you to adapt yourself.

An honest review by an traveller who visited India back in 2017,

“India is an incredibly diverse, interesting, and affordable place to backpack around. Most Indians are very welcoming and helpful. It’s quite cheap to be there and you’ll practically never run out of things to do/see.
However, India can be extremely challenging for many travelers. And secondly,
India is definitely not for everyone(and perhaps not for most).”