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Seafood Delicacies of India

For all those who love seafood, only two things matter taste and health. Seafood recipes of India are extremely delicious because of the rich seasoning with delicate spices and herbs. Different states have different recipes, which offer a new experience to your taste buds. They are so finger-licking good and will make you wanting more. In this, we will talk about the seafood delicacies of India.

Apart from the great taste, seafood is an ocean of nutrition. It supplies the most essential nutrients and vitamins for a healthy body. Most seafood is low in calories and dense in proteins, calcium, iron, Vitamin D, Vitamin B, Omega-3 fatty acids, etc. These nutrients promote overall well-being and aid in the prevention of serious illnesses such as heart attacks and bone fragility. An interesting fact to be shared in light of COVID-19 is that medical researchers have claimed Vitamin D boosts immunity which assists in standing the virus attack. Vitamin D is not available in any of the vegetables, but fatty fish is a great source of it. Looks like some good news for seafood lovers.

Now, let’s take a peek into the seafood delicacies of India.

1. Fish

Fish is one of the famous seafood delicacies of India. The wide coastline of India has unique dishes of fish to offer. Goan fish curry which has a spicy and tangy flavor is world-famous as the place attracts a lot of tourists. It is eaten along with rice. Similarly, the mouthwatering Karimeen Fry is a specialty from Kerala. Chapala Pulusu from Andhra Pradesh is made in a tamarind base and is rich in flavors. And of course, you cannot miss out on the traditional Koi Macher Jhal from West Bengal.

2. Prawns

When it comes to prawns, the creamy soft Prawn Malai Curry from West Bengal is truly delectable. RawaFried Prawns and Fried Tiger Prawns are great munchies to pass your day on a Goa beach. Royal Biryani from Andhra Pradesh is said to be a traditional delight for the ancient Kings and you would know why they enjoyed it a lot if you try it for yourself. And the next time you visit Karnataka, don’t forget to savor the Prawn Onion Fry.

3. The crab

Next time you go to Goa, don’t forget to order the Crab Masala fry which is slow-cooked in spices and coconut mixture and enjoy as the soft flesh melts in your mouth. Crab roast fry from Karnataka should definitely be added to your bucket list of appetizers if you are a seafood lover. And of course, you cannot miss out on the steaming and scrumptious crab soup from Pondicherry.

4. Squid

This is the latest edition to the seafood dishes of India. The most popular form of squid which people consume is the Calamari Fry. It is served in various restaurants and bars in coastal cities. So, grab a plate of piping hot calamari fry and enjoy it by relaxing in your beach shack.

5. Lobsters

Spicy lobster curry is a great and filling dish for lunch. The mix of spices and herbs provide a heavenly aroma and a great taste to the dish. Kerala coast is your goto place to savor this delicacy. Further, grilled, fried, and baked lobsters are also widely available in various coastal cities, which are famous beach destinations for tourists from all over the world.

Now, you know where to savor your favorite seafood. Next time you are on a vacation to any of these Indian coastal States, don’t miss the opportunity to enjoy the tastiest and famous seafood recipe of the place. It is always better to try the recipe at its place of origin for the most authentic taste. While you treat your taste buds, the health benefits will just reap in and work to produce a healthier version of you.