Omicron Coronavirus: LIVE Updates, A sign to Worry.

India has been reporting the cases of new covid variant Omicron which declared as the variant of concern by WHO.  The first two cases of omicron found in Karnataka on December 2. After the cases started increasing all across India.

The new variant so far infected 23 people across the country. f necessary, precautions will not be taken then omicron may hit the country badly. IMA recently claimed that this new variant will claim more people.

Massive third waves have arrived urging people to start following the coronavirus protocols. Health is wealth so we need to take extra care of ourselves and our family members too.

Guidelines issued by the Government :

Cases are increasing daily from December 2 Indian government going to suspend the Vande Bharat flights from two countries that have at least 20 cases of omicron.

More than 50% of the central governments think this is the high time to suspend the flights. Else it will become difficult to stop the transmission of Omicron in the country.

Apart from central guidelines states have issued their guidelines to fight against the variant. Karnataka minister on Tuesday said that the state is taking measures to set up more genomic sequencing labs.

Schools in many states shut to prevent the students and teaching staff from the variant will remaining closed till the next announcement of government.

Random testing on the state borders done continuously and helpline numbers released in case of emergencies. Many more guidelines the government waiting to announced yet.

Cases in India according to state :

India omicron tally jumps to 23 cases. Confirmed Omicron cases state wise list given below :  


  • Maharashtra – 10 The number of infected people from omicron in Maharashtra reached from 0 to 10 in just 5 days including six members of a family found infected in Pune.·      
  • Karnataka – 2 The first two cases of omicron found in the state of Karnataka on December 2.·      
  • Delhi – 1 Delhi with1 omicron case is also at risk now. A 33-year-old man found to infected from omicron he came to India from Tanzania.·      
  • Gujarat – 1 Gujarat had also reported 1 case of omicron in recent days.·      
  • Rajasthan – 9 Rajasthan recently reported 9 cases of omicron. A family of four recently tested negative earlier but when reached to Mumbai from Dubai tested positive for omicron.

Citizens Responsibility :

Although if a person is vaccinated by both doses still, he or she can be infected by the covid so it is our responsibility to protect ourselves and our family members from the transmission of the new variant. Follow below 5 main steps:

  • Wear your mask whenever you go out and meet someone.
  • Wash your hands regularly at home.
  • Sanitize hands if you are out.
  • Do not go in crowded regions as it will increase the chance of transmission.
  • Keep distance from others.

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