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How To Look Attractive On Your First Date?

When we meet someone for the very first time, two opinions are formed about us. First, how kind and reliable we are, and second, is our intent towards them. In this article, we will discuss ways on how to look attractive on your first date.

In order to impress someone on the first date try to figure that what your outfit, your hairstyle, and your etiquettes say about you!!

About a 95% contribution is given by the way you represent yourself. The remaining 5% is represented by your way of talking and treating. It takes about 10th part of a second to judge someone. So, you need to be too majestic to seize your date’s interest.

So, let’s have a look at the tips to look attractive on your first date :

1. Wear attractive color

It is proven that wearing red makes you look hot and attractive. You can wear a red top with a black skirt or a red t-shirt with black jeans. Don’t go for formals or for a too funky style. Pink is also a good choice to wear but avoid looking too girly. When it comes to hiding fat, black is a great choice. It gives a stunning look to your personality and makes you look classy and sexy. A study is found that red makes you look sexy while wearing black gives a plus to your fashion sense. Avoid wearing a color that makes you look dull.

2. What to wear

Confidence and comfort go hand in hand. Wear what makes you feel comfortable this will also make you look confident. If you are going for a date then wear clothes that highlight your features like heavy booty and slim waist. If you are having pear shape body then wear skinny jeans with a tight top or with a t-shirt. In the case of an hourglass, you can wear a tight mini skirt or one piece. In case you are having sexy and beautiful legs then don’t forget to show off. It will give you a sexy and bold look. Don’t forget to show off your sexy back.

3. Makeup or natural

Natural and minimal makeup goes best for the first date. Body hairs will freak him out. So, whenever you are going for a date do proper waxing. Also, have a look at your facial hair. These will make you feel uncomfortable. Make him fall in love with your big eyes. Apply mascara and eyeliner. Smoky eyes also make you look stunning and gorgeous. Finish your look with a glossy lip balm. This will make you kissing ready. Red lipstick with the black dress will make you look stunning and confident.

4. Don’t forget cleanliness

Take a proper shower and apply a spritz of perfume. So, you smell good. Brush your teeth properly. This will make you smile without any hesitation. Don’t forget your hands. Clean your nails properly. Clean your feet properly especially your ankles. Wear neat and clean shoes. Eat properly and slow your pace while eating. Comb your hair properly.

5. Be honest

Don’t try to fake yourself. Represent yourself in the way you are. Like, if you are not comfortable in high heels then wear flats. Speak the truth. People like the person who speaks the truth. Don’t feel shy to represent your flaws. Try to be funny because nobody likes a snoozer. Tell everything about yourself and about your family. This will help you to give a true start to your relationship. Don’t complain too much about the environment and food. Try to appreciate your partner. This will make them less nervous.  Give them a warm environment. Be a good listener. Don’t talk about yourself only. Give them a chance to speak. Try to make your partner comfortable.