10 Things Women Hate About Men's Wardrobe

10 Things Women Hate About Men’s Wardrobe

Men are not that much cautious about fashion like women. Men dress for themselves but in order to attract women’s attention, they need to think outside the box.  Sometimes their experiments fail to reach that level and result in blunders. A woman wants everything up to the mark and man fails to attain that level. So here are the 10 things women hate about men’s wardrobe.

There are many men’s wardrobe malfunctioning that disappoints women. Here are some 10 examples:-

  1. The ugliest fashion done by men is wearing socks with slippers.  This fashion doesn’t make sense because slippers are worn during summers and to avoid sweat in feet and socks are worn to make feet warm. This fashion just combines the two. Women become too much irritated by seeing this insensible fashion.
  2. Another fashion that freaks out women is unbuttoning the shirt. This fashion really looks absurd and ugly. Men think that by showing off their body they will look handsome and bodybuilder but the truth is that they look nasty.
  3. Women don’t like men who wear a basketball cap. These types of caps look good in the stadiums and grounds only. The result of wearing these caps for ling time is baldness. That’s why every 1 out of 3 men is suffering from baldness.
  4. Men think that wearing long sling jeans makes them look fashionable but the truth is that it slings too much even underwear starts showing.  This fashion is just eww!!
  5. Wearing day sunglasses all the time is another fashion blunder by men. It just piqued a woman because sunglasses are meant to be worn in sunlight or day. Is it making any sense wearing those sunglasses in a party or club?
  6. Women’s cleavage is meant to be shown. Who is on the earth who likes men cleavage?? No one. So wake up guys no one like you wearing that deep neck lined shirt.
  7. Take a pause when you will go to buy your next tight trouser. This the another eww!!. Tight and skinny jeans don’t look good on men. It also causes many skin issues like the weakening of bladder and skin rashes.
  8.  A woman looks for a man always. So, whenever you are dressing to impress so dress likes a gentleman. Don’t dress like a teen.  Don’t wear too many colors. Go for simple clothes but try to look fashionable.
  9. Another thing that disappoints a woman is wearing one type of shoes everywhere and with everything. You need to understand that sports shoes are made for gyms, casuals for home, and wingtips for office. Don’t mix them.
  10. Don’t mix up the patterns. Follow the same pattern throughout the outfit. Mixing of patterns gives a confused judgment about you.
  11. Too many colors and shades feel thorny to the eyes. Men should avoid wearing too many shades at a time. They should go for statement fashion.

So these were the 10 things women hate about men’s wardrobe.