Best Places to Visit In Bahrain

Best Places to Visit In Bahrain

Bahrain has some of the famous ports which were once used for trading the gorgeous pearls, by which the country is known all over the world. In this article, we will discuss the best places to visit in Bahrain.

It is a popular belief among there that these precious jewels from the sea were responsible for making this Middle Eastern country rich. However, in recent times, the oil (liquid black gold as commonly referred there) has taken over and now Bahrain is less known for its aquatic gems and more for its oil refineries all around the globe.

These are the best places to visit in Bahrain :

1. Manama

At first glance, Manama might not seem very exciting, and you may write it off as just another gilded metropolis that can be found all across the Middle East.

If you explore beneath the shimmering buildings however and the steel-grey skyscrapers that line the Corniche al-Fateh, you will find an exciting Arabic city that has a rich history and engaging culture.

Some of the great highlights in Manama can be found in the throbbing souks where you can discover spices, pearls, and exquisite carpets. If you are a history lover, then you should definitely take a trip to the Bahrain National Museum where you can learn all about the Portuguese and Persian past of this city.

2. Riffa

One this city used to be the largest in the country, but now Manama (commonly referred to the as big brother of Riffa) has taken the place. It is located in the center of Bahrain.

As the city is old and one of its own kind, therefore, one can visit this city to witness an old-world character and ancient sights which includes attractions like the great Riffa Fort that has amazing crenulated bulwarks and antique courtrooms.

One can also go shopping in the streets or in the authentic Arabic bazaars which have some of the world’s best trinkets (pearl necklaces) and Middle Eastern spices.

3. Amwaj Island

If you want to witness the riches of the country. Then you should definitely make your way to ‘The Amwaj Islands’. Here you can find a lot of billionaires’ yachts and private jets. These islands have been made from 100% reclaimed land and one can find spectacular whitewashed towers as well as luxury apartments here.

Some of Bahrain’s best beaches are found here which include the enclaves around Tala Island. It features islands made up of pristine sands and azure lagoons that can make you speechless. You can relax and enjoy by taking a dip and enjoying the surroundings.

4. Juffair

This district of Juffair is really not a tourist place to visit. Even by the insiders, it is considered as just another extension of the Manama. Although once it actually used to be a completely separate part of Bahrain.

Still, if you want to witness how a city develops and expands. It is one of the destinations to see some of the huge new towers. That are been developed every year. And one can find some top-class eateries as well as a wealth of accommodation options.

5. Muharraq

If we talk about the city of Muharraq, then it has its roots in the Dilmun Civilization. Although it is considered that the Greeks were the first that brought real prosperity to this northern city. They started a series of powerhouse trade routes.

Once it was the capital of Bahrain but as the country developed and progressed. But nowadays the city has been converted to an International Airport and is the entry and exit point of Bahrain.

As well as being the main transport hub however, this city also has its own distinct charm.

So these were the best places to visit in Bahrain.