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The 10 Must-haves in a women’s wardrobe ?

The magical world of Closet is a place where an average woman spends almost one year of her life deciding what to wear? In fact closets, big or small, tall or short, walk-in or stand-by, open or hidden under a door are a place where the true self of a woman could be discovered. All the secrets, all the fashion choices gone wrong. All the damage was done on guilty pleasure shopping sprees, first childhood princess dress so much more could be found. So here we’ve got for you the 10 Must-haves in a women’s wardrobe.

Over the years, as the fashion choices have changed the closets have also been the victim of the evolution. In fact, they have seen it all, from that 3 am drunk broken woman sobbing and snuggling in that loose top after heartbreak to that teen whose excitement stripped the closet down to pick one outfit for a party or first day of college. Therefore, All that said and done, no matter how different are the wardrobes, each one of them has a small hoard of few pieces which is common to almost every woman out there.

With the ongoing trend of the pandemic, the word “essentials” have swooped the market with a single whiplash. This trend will however last till the situation is under control. Whereas the pandemic of the “essentials” in our closets which have been there since the course of time with a few nicks and trims has seen the world from so many beautiful pairs of eyes.

In order to make a statement or to show a sense of personal style, women invest so much in wardrobe fashion over the years. Also with changing trends and style, even those change and the investment just goes to waste for a few pieces. This investment, could not protect you from an impulse buy or a spree buys but a few bucks invested in the right pieces can give you few essentials that fit right in or when mixed and match with those blings or stripes will roar class.

In fact, from owning a Victorian gown to those tie-dye sweats we all have witnessed the beauty of evolving “essentials” in our closets with different eras in the fashion world. To quote a  famous saying, “ A lady looks her most beautiful when she is comfortable in her outfit”. There sure are endless pieces to choose from but the below mentioned could be a few could save the day for any fashionista,

Here are the 10 Must-haves in a women’s wardrobe :

White tee shirt

Who could ever go wrong with a plain tee tucked in a pair of ripped jeans or a glittered or lace skirt? It also can hide under a blazer and could be carried to work. White tee shirt could be a best friend during a hiking trip when there is no extra place to carry loungewear and the terrain is uncertain to dress for the occasion. It could be slipped on to anything and it screams casual but classy fashion. Also, it is best for a monochrome look for people who are not trying too hard.

A pair of blue jeans

A fashion designer once said in a fashion show, “ Jeans and Gene’s make a being”. It may have provoked a few smiles there but the sentence gets as deep as it goes.  Just imagine, the fate of the world without jeans? We would be fashion disasters.

In fact after going through millions of choices like a slim fit, boyfriend, high waist, low waist, midriff, ripped, crushed, acid washed, bell bottom, boot cut list goes on, and on, a woman finds a pair which fits her the best and makes her steal the show. Hold on to that pair. Be it an autumn morning or a winter day or a sunny day in the park, Jeans come to rescue anytime, any day, any weather. They are like teddy bears in the household who do not need extra care and could be twisted or turned as wished.

Pull over hoodie

Be it a no-bra day, or a chilly day or that time when you are at the airport and that dry airport air conditioning hits your skin. These hoodies come to play for the times when a woman does not want to dress up or is having a lazy day.

They come in every possible color and pattern. Also, could be worn for jogging, gym, a water run, emergency grocery shopping, to collect a parcel from the apartment gates, to collect pizza delivery.


These days ankle-length leggings are stealing the show. They could be just slipped on in seconds and are so comfortable that it feels so fluidic once worn. They could also be styled with oversized tee-shirts or regular Kurtis for college or worn as tights to send out those Gothic and punk vibes.

Black dress

“Little black dress”, these are in fact like the oxygen of the fashion world. Who does not own a black dress? A woman who is buying her first dress is also more likely to choose that black dress shining like the sun at the end of the store which ironically is Black. No one, I MEAN NO ONE could ever go wrong in styling a black dress. Not to mention, the magical property to make the person wearing it look leaner. Be it a first date, birthday party, office presentation, meeting with clients, clubbing black dress saves the day!

It can make every pair of the beholder eye turn.

Flip flops

This would be that piece in fashion owned by almost 99% of the world’s population. In fact, it shines in every modem of fashion be it a small town or a city light. Flip flops are the most comfortable footwear and also make you feel like walking on clouds. As there is no strain for the movement of legs. Also, Beach look, casual look, everyday fashion look, adventure look, nothing is complete without these babies.

Black heels

“Give the girl a right pair of shoes and she will conquer the world”. Black fashion has in fact spread its roots in the footwear business too. And if a woman owns a black dress, why not a black pair of heels?

Black color pairs with every color and gives out attitude vibes so no matter the color of the outfit. A pair of black heels will in fact complete the look no matter what. Also, they could be wedges, bootstraps, gladiators, stilettos, pumps, Mary Jane’s, pointed toe, butterfly heels, anything.

Even ethnic wear needs heels, to prevent from tripping over. Black heels can never go wrong as they even go with ethnic wear. Also, most of the time hidden under that long lehenga or pleads of saree. This in fact is one of the most amazing among the 10 Must-haves in a women’s wardrobe.


A knitted or a tunic or embroidered blouse, for a woman to look cute, hot, and also fabulous. In fact, this piece of clothing could be paired with skirts, jeans, trousers and just make any look chic. Long tunics could also be worn with trousers in the day for work. And could be fitted on with a belt at the waist during the night for an outing. They can be styled in various ways, The sleeves are so breezy that they could be made into off shoulder, one shoulder, or tube with no efforts.

Utility Bag

Got a phone? Cash? Emergency make up? Creams? SPF? What better place to store everything in a small yet portable place.

These bags are not too heavy like totes nor too small like clutches. And could also be just stashed on the shoulder or around the neck and carried everywhere. Also, a bag obsession is needed for every woman as it is essential to hold other essentials. Get back! Stash your stuff! Get out! Have fun! Should be the mantra.

Pair of sneakers

In fact, for a fitness freak or a shoe hoarder, no closet is complete without the most comfortable yet classy looking sneakers. In fact, they complete any look they have swooped the shoe industry. Joggers, trainers, football shoes, and also the fabulous pair of glittered shoes. Grab on the go!

May be boring or high style fashion. Everyone should have a personal style and look presentable. Let your clothes do the talking and Stock away!!!!

So these were the 10 Must-haves in a women’s wardrobe .