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Say cheese !

Cheese is that one thing in the world, that can easily stand out or blend in! Whether you prefer eating cheese all by itself or want to team it up with some crunchy crackers, or sprinkle it on smack pasta, or just spread it between slices of bread, it never disappoints. Most of our favorite sandwiches like the American club sandwiches, or pizzas, and other Greek delicacies such as spanakopitas, and bougatsas would never just taste as delicious without cheese.

The cheese has several variants. The fact that different kinds of cheeses are made in different parts throughout the world could perhaps be one of the reasons why we have so many variants of it.

Their variants not only differ in taste but also in other characteristics such as color, aroma, flavor, texture, softness, mold content, gas holes, and their shelf lives as well.

Here are a few variants of Cheese briefly described.


Mozzarella is believed to have been originated in Italy. It was believed that earlier, mozzarella was made using the milk of water buffalos. But on the contrary, most of the Mozzarella cheeses available in the market today, are simply made from cow’s milk.

Mozzarella is supposed to be consumed fresh just within a few hours of it being made from pasteurized or unpasteurized cow or water buffalo milk. Mozzarella can easily be prepared at home. As it is quite versatile it can be used in the preparation of salads, pizzas, and vegetable recipes.


Cheddar cheese is a hard form of cheese that is made from cow’s milk that is pasteurized. In the earlier days, it was only produced in England. Today, it is manufactured and consumed in almost all parts around the world.

In its typical form, it is available in the shape of a drum and its color usually ranges from white to pale yellow.


Emmental is known to be produced in Switzerland from unpasteurized cow’s milk. It is hard in texture. It has a thin rind that is typically wrapped up in a paper which is for the manufacturer’s name to be printed upon.

Its specialty is that it usually goes well when served with wine and fruits, as it has a very sweet aroma and a fruity flavor. It also has a tinge of acidity to it…


Pronounced as ‘How-da’, this is a cheese produced in Dutch regions of the world. These are known to be the most popular cheeses of all time. As history accounts, this cheese has been named after the city of Gouda in the Netherlands. It is a rich, flavorful cheese that is made from cow’s milk. Goudas go well with beer and fruity wines. Gouda can be served as sliced, cubed, or in melted form.


Parmigiano – Reggiano is a protected cheese. and can only be produced in Emilia-Romagna and in Lombardia, Italy.

It is firm , dry and also has a very crunchy and nutty flavor. Parmigiano is served grated with Italian salads and pasta.


Brie is one of the most famous French cheeses. It is known to be the ‘queen of cheeses’ and was served as one of the tributes to the French kings back in their days. Also, it has a soft texture and derives its name from the French region of Brie.

Brie is made from unpasteurized cow’s milk and is pretty pale in color. It has several tastes and what taste is determined by the ingredients used while production of the same. It is mostly used in desserts and tastes the best when served at room temperature.

So these were some amazing types of cheese , Do try and enjoy them !!