Pros & Cons of Ripped Jeans

Pros and Cons of Ripped Jeans

According to the current fashion trend, ripped jeans is recently in fashion. We all have a collection of different types, designs, and colors of ripped jeans in our wardrobe. Most people love to wear ripped jeans but there are also some people who do not like to wear ripped jeans. This is mainly because of the pros and cons of jeans. As we all know that each and everything has its own pros and cons. Similarly ripped jeans also have their pros and cons. So here I will guide you about the pros and cons of ripped jeans.

  • Pros of ripped jeans –

1. We all just love to follow the latest trend and wearing ripped jeans will really make you look stylish and trendy according to the latest fashion trend.

2. Everyone just loves to maintain their body and when we are maintaining it then we just love to flaunt that body. It shows a bit of your body part when you are covered from head to toe and make you look sexy and beautiful.

3. The rips provide greater flexibility in the trousers that are usually tight and make you uncomfortable. The rips will make your tight jeans a little bit comfortable.

4. You can turn your simple combination of outfit into a stylish and sexy one with ripped jeans. It will make your outlook more classy and funky.

  • Cons of ripped jeans –

1. In winter we all want to wear the kind of clothes which will keep us warm. Everyone usually prefers to wear jeans and sweaters in winter but if you are having ripped jeans then maybe you have to drop the idea because, from the ripped place, the part of the body may get cold and make you feel uncomfortable.

2. Every person loves to keep their Instagram updated and to upload their recent picture. Everyone wants the picture to be perfect. But it may take a lot of perfect shots of rips to get the perfect Instagram shot.

3. Flaunt your body if it well maintained. If it is not maintained then everybody will be able to see your hairy knees through the rips if it is not shaved and see that how pale legs you do have. It may not look good and can really make you feel embarrassed and uncomfortable.

4. Ripped jeans can look really trendy and classy in the outing, casual wear, college function, and etc. but we will really not look going in any traditional functions and festival. It may make you odd one out there.

5. Ripped jeans may be the favorite outfit for the entire trend following and stylish person but it will not be approved by the people who are in their 90s. They think that ripped jeans do not look good and if you are wearing it then you do not belong to a good family. Parents sometimes also do not allow children to wear it because ripped things show how poor you are that you do not have money to buy good clothes.

So, these above are some pros and cons of ripped jeans. Now you have to decide that you want to wear it or not. I hope this will guide you in your choice.