Korean Dishes Recipe : Indian’s goes crazy about the Dishes.

Korean dishes are rising to capture the world’s plate and gaining popularity due to their health benefits.

It seems to be interesting how the culture of s country influences the minds of all of us. From K-drama to K-dishes, the K-culture is gaining popularity among Indians, especially among Indian youths.

Many of us don’t know that South Korean culture tends to begin in the 1980s. Today South Korea considered a major exporter of popular culture. It all started from K-drama then K-pop which spread like a wildfire all across East, Southeast, and South Asia.

The growth of Korean dishes worldwide presents a unique opportunity for Korean food manufacturers and the foodservice sector of Korea.

All about K-Cuisines :

Korean usually includes grilled meats with wonderfully spicy and sour shreds of cabbage in its cuisines. This dish known as Kimchi in Korea and is a cornerstone of Korean cooking. Food ingredients like rice, noodles, vegetables, meat, and ingredients such as sesame oil, chili, pepper, soy, and species are common across Koreans as well as in India.

The techniques used to prepare K-dishes are very similar to that of techniques of India.

Few popular foods trend :

Here is the list of a few K- dishes gaining popularity in India :

1. Korean Fried Chicken :

Indians especially non-vegetarians are very fond of fried chicken. Here comes the Fried chicken from Korea which pleases your plates. Korean fried chicken is famous among youths. This made with the delicious amalgamation of soy sauce, garlic and honey.

The wings of the chicken coated nicely, double fried to give a crispy outer layer. This dish served with Somaek, which is a type of beer.

2. Bibimbap :

Another K-dish gaining popularity by K-drama and K-series is a Bibimbap. This K-dish is a quick rice meal bowl with a delicious mix of health and taste served in a bowl and tastes so yum.

3. Gyeran Mari :

Gyeran Mari is a delicious rolled egg dish that resembles an omelette, gained popularity for its taste and unique texture. This dish is paired with Korean barbecues and soups.

4. Kimchi Salad :

Kimchi Salad paired with a bowl of Ramen or add it to a bowl of mixed rice. spicy and fermented salad and is loved for its taste and health quotient.

5. Seaweed Soup :

Seaweed soup of Korea more of a culinary ritual, it usually prepared and relished on birthday parties and special occasions. This made with Korean seasonings like soy sauce, garlic, and sesame oil and has a tangy, fish-like taste.

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