CBSE apologies for the Gujarat riot question in the class 12 exam

CBSE is conducting term 1 class 10th and class 12 exams in whole over India affiliated to CBSE. Students of class 12th were having their sociology exam on November 11. This paper included a Gujarat riot question which is inappropriate.

Question :

The question with all the four options is given below-

The unprecedented scale and spread of anti-muslim violence in Gujarat in 2002 took place under which government?”

  • Congress
  • BJP
  • Republic
  • Democratic

The board apologized and called it inappropriate and in violation of CBSE guidelines for a subject expert for setting a question paper. CBSE promises that they take strict action against it and will find out who is responsible for the same.

CBSE Guidelines :

The board added that CBSE guidelines include the following points for the Paper setter-

  • Make sure you have the latest version of the syllabus and you are familiar with the assessment criteria.
  • Work on a Specification Grid. Check that all the test items based on the respective syllabus and that the items graded in difficulty.
  • Do not use material reflecting race, ethnic, or sex bias.
  • Develop a Marking Scheme alongside the Specification Grid.
  • Check that the duration of the examination entered correctly on the paper and that the time allotted is sufficient. As enable the students to complete the paper and revise their work.
  • Proofread the text.
  • Pass on the finalized draft of the paper to an external reviser who has to proofread the text again. Ensure that no test item is out of the syllabus, check that all set tasks are workable. That the paper can be completed in the set time.

many more..

Following all the above main guidelines of CBSE based on which a subject expert expected to set a paper for examination.

Gujarat Riot 2002 :

Gujarat Riot of 2002 was a three-day period of inter-communal violence. The train was burnt on 27 February 2002 in Godhra.

The 2002 riots in Gujarat state broke out after the burning of two coaches of the Sabarmati Express train Godhra railway station. Leads to the death of 58 Hindu ‘Karsevaks’ who were returning from Ayodhya. This riot left thousands of people to death.

In this riot, a total of 790 Muslims and 254 Hindus meet their death. Leading to great destruction of properties and death too.

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