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Why you should visit Bangladesh once in your life ?

Bangladesh is a crude nation, 100% Bangladesh and generally immaculate by the travel industry. It is completely energized with a remarkable vitality that you won’t find in some other nation all through the world. A vitality that you can just feel and comprehend by visiting the nation. So here we’ve got for you the reasons Why you should visit Bangladesh once in your life.

Here’s the reason Why you should visit Bangladesh once in your life :


Old Town in Dhaka

If you’re coming to Bangladesh, you can’t pass up an outing to the Old Town in Dhaka. The Dhaka Old Town is one of Dhaka’s primary center points. It’s a blending pot of confusion, culture, and groups. A solid hit of sights, sounds, and scents – an assault on the entirety of the faculties. What’s more, it’s magnificent. Before investigating the Old Town in Dhaka, ensure you’re in the correct attitude and you’re set up for the bedlam that you’re going to be wrapped in. You can never really grasp it.

The best thing you can do in the Old Town in Dhaka is simply stroll around and encircle yourself in the city and the way of life. Have a meander and see what you can discover. The Old Town is enormous, and it is anything but difficult to get lost among the entirety of the winding roads. Aside from the fundamental locales in Dhaka, the Old Town in Dhaka is likewise home to heaps of extraordinary markets simply standing by to be investigated.

At the point when you come down to the Old Town in Dhaka you should remember that the closer you get to the core of the city, the more regrettable the traffic will get. From Gulshan (a well-known area for outsiders and ex-pats) it can take 2+ hours during active occasions. This is essential to recollect when arranging your way back to your convenience in case you’re far away.

Main sites

The entirety of the principal destinations in Dhaka is situated in the Old Town. And you can visit practically every one of them in a (to some degree hurried) day if need be. On the off chance that you intend to visit Bangladesh it’s anything but a smart thought to surge, however here’s a rundown of things to find in one day in case you’re on a tight calendar:

Lalbagh Fort: Peaceful nurseries and an incredible departure from occupied Dhaka.

Ahsan Manzil: Muse-see pink royal residence.

National Museum: Bangladesh national historical center.

Shankharai Bazar: Colors, sights, sounds and scents aplenty.( LALBAGH FORT)


Cox’s Bazar

Cox’s Bazar is home to the world’s longest solid stretch of the seashore. 120km of (kinda) white sands and (kinda) blue waters. Alright, it may not be the prettiest and most amazing seashores on the planet. Yet, having 120km of seashore lie in front of you is truly extraordinary and certainly motivation to visit Bangladesh.

There are fundamental seashore territories over the 120km and these are commonly extremely swarmed with individuals. Cox’s Bazar is a well-known spot for local people, and in the event that you go in the top season, this will be especially evident. On the primary seashores, there are eateries, gift shops, and places where you can lease quad bicycles and stream skis. You can swim, however, know that it isn’t permitted to swim in a bathing suit and you should keep secured consistently.

Walk 20 mins ahead and there is nobody in sight – separated from perhaps the neighborhood anglers or a few children hanging about. From Cox’s Bazar, you can get a vessel to different islands close by that will commonly be less packed.


You’ll feel at home once you reach Bangladesh. The people of Bangladesh are too inviting, very supportive, and too eager to see you. I never thought I’d go over a nation that cherishes taking pictures and selfies more than in China. At that point, I came to Bangladesh. Individuals completely love taking selfies and will need to take selfies with you.

So these were the reasons Why you should visit Bangladesh once in your life .