Chicken Curry Recipe

Chicken Curry Recipe


1kg chicken skinless, cleaned and cut into medium-sized pieces

Ingredients for the marinade 

1lime juice of 

1tbsp salt 

2tbsp ginger garlic paste

Ingredients for the curry 


4tomatoes medium sized, chopped 

½tsp turmeric powder 

1tsp chili powder red(optional; adjust the spice as required) 

1 ½inches ginger piece of 

34green chili (adjust the spice as required) 

1tbsp cumin seeds 

2bay leafs 

½cinnamon stick 



¼cup oil 

4onions medium sized, chopped 

10cloves garlic 

2tbsp coriander powder 

1tsp garam masala powder salt to taste

Ingredients for tempering 

½inch ginger piece, julienned coriander for garnishing 

1tbsp ghee heaping or clarified butter 

2green chilies (slit lengthwise)

The most effective method to make chicken curry Indian style-1

On the off chance that you think Indian chicken dishes end up tasteless when cooked in Instant Pot, I have two hints for you

• Saute the chicken before including any fluid. This allows the meat to brown and extra flavor.

• Or then again marinate the chicken for at any rate 20-30 minutes before pressure cooking it.

Chicken curry marinade-2

1. Blend yogurt, lime juice, oil, bean stew powder, garam masala, salt, and fenugreek leaves to set up the marinade.

2. Make 3-4 entry points on the chicken drumstick on the two sides. These cuts permit the marinade to leak in making the chicken considerably progressively delightful.

3. Coat the chicken drumsticks with the marinade till all pieces are equally secured. Put it in a safe spot for around 20 minutes till you prepare the curry.

The procedure to make the chicken curry sauce-3

1. Select the Saute setting in the Instant Pot and alter it to ordinary.

2. Include oil and once it is hot, include all the flavors – inlet leaf, cinnamon stick, dark cardamom, green cardamom, dark peppercorns, cloves, and fennel seeds (if utilizing).

3. Let the flavors sizzle in the oil for around 20 seconds or something like that. Include the cleaved onions and let it cook till it is uniformly sautéed (around 10 minutes).

4. Include the minced ginger and garlic. Let them saute for about a moment.

5. Include the cleaved tomatoes and blend well. Cook till the tomatoes are delicate and soft (around 10 minutes).

6. Include salt and Kashmiri bean stew powder and blend well.

7. Add the marinated chicken to this curry and mix it in. Let it cook in the sauce for around 2 minutes.

8. Include 1/4 cup water and blend well. Deglaze – utilize a spatula to remove any bits adhered to the base of the pot.

9. Spread the Instant Pot, set the vent to fixing, and weight cook on high for 10 minutes.

10. At the point when the cooking cycle is finished, move the vent cautiously to the venting position.

11. Open the cover, include garam masala and blend well.

12. Embellish the chicken with cilantro leaves and serve hot with rice, roti, or naan.

Tips to make the best chicken curry4

• Marinating the chicken makes it damp and delightful.

• Make a point to cook the onions till it is equally sautéed. Caramelized onions add additional oomph to this dish.

• Saute the chicken in the sauce before pressure cooking. This permits it to assimilate the flavors.

• On the off chance that conceivable, utilize either bone-in chicken or chicken thighs. These cuts are more delightful than chicken bosoms.

• Moment Pot doesn’t vanish water so you need to ensure you don’t include mutiple/4 cup water to cook the chicken. Try not to stress there will be sufficient fluid in view of the yogurt and the tomatoes.

• Remember to deglaze – utilize a spoon to oust any bits adhered to the base of the pot.